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Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got up; looked outside; saw stars; set my tablet alarm to remind me to leave to take sunrise photos in time.  The alarm went off. I got my long johns on (it was 45 degrees out there, I will remember that with fond memories around 3:00 PM when it is closer to 100 degrees [we have a heat advisory for today through Saturday]) and went out.  The clouds had appeared.  Out of nowhere, the sky was covered with clouds.  So, no light show again this morning.  It could still happen; but if so, it will happen without me recording it for posterity and other interested folks.

Yesterday while Nancy was in a sewing class, I picked green beans—enough for dinner.  I will probably get another picking or two from that tub (pot).  I also dug up a few garlic and sort of braided them and hung them in the garage.  It will be interesting to see if the garlic, thus handled, put up shoot when I plant them later this fall.  I say, sort of braided them as I gathered the stems and sort of wove them together and used a plastic bag to tie the sort of woven/braided stems together.  Really a messed up job.  I suspect those garlic would be embarrassed to go out in public with their stems all gathered rather than braided.  But, fortunately for them they are only hanging around in the garage.

I noticed two spiders while I was out in the garden (tub arena).  I got a shot of one on his/her web. P1010071 np.jpg Next time I will use a manual focus camera as it is a real challenge for autofocus to capture something on a gossamer web some two feet off the ground.  Then coming in the front door, I noticed another spider with his/her dinner (take out, I think, since there was no web involved).  20160811_155620 email.jpgThis one was less of a challenge for the autofocus as the difference between the spider and its background was less than a millimeter.

Now I bid you a fond farewell while I go out and drench the pots in preparation for the heat advisory (maybe I should put up beach umbrellas to protect the plants from the predicted scorching sunlight if the clouds ever decide to dissipate). I have the required 5 gallons of blackberries all mashed up in a 6-gallon bucket ready to start the fermentation process later today to make blackberry wine.  They are presently resting with campden tablets doing their work to rid the must of wild yeast, which often produces vinegar.  I do, however, need to get a bigger container to set the whole thing in in case of overflow from the yeast working.  While winemaking recipes call for fermentation bags to hold the mashed up fruit, I am going to go with removing the pulp and seed and see how it all goes.  Regardless, the next time I will thaw the berries in a pillowcase to eliminate the need to strain them. I live in a household which is bereft of extra pillowcases which I could use as either fermentation bags or to strain the pulp and seed out as I did some 35 years ago when I was making wine out of anything that didn’t move.  So, off to town to buy a cheap pillowcase (if such a critter exists) after I drench the plants. Yes, I will wash the pillowcase before I use it for if I get caught with an unwashed pillowcase Nancy will probably use irony on me.


Warmest regards, Ed


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