My Annual Visit to the Eye Doctor

DSCN0675Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

I had an eye appointment this morning to check my diabetic retinopathy and progress on my cataracts and retinal macular degeneration.   Overall, there was little change from last year on any of it.  It seems the victimizes (lutein & zeaxanhin) are keeping the macular degeneration at bay.  Indeed, the doctor tells me that the cataracts also provide a degree of protection by filtering UV rays from getting to the retina.  It seems UV rays are part of the cause of macular degeneration.  Interesting that.  Further it seems the transition lenses that I use also provide a sunscreen for the retina, a sunscreen that is always on.  He does suspect that in the next few years, as few as one and as many as 5, that the cataract in my left eye will need attention (interesting the subtle way of referring to removal and replacement of a lens). I have been going to eye doctors for glasses since I was in the 7th grade.  This fellow gives more useful information than the other have over the years.  Had I known at 12-years-old that sunglasses would keep me seeing better would I have been smart enough to get some?  Who knows. I suppose it would have had to come out of my meager allowance or lunch money in 1957.  The transition lenses came late in my “tenure” as a glasses wearer—around the age of 35.  I suppose that helped.

For years I have wondered about the continuing education requirement for medical professionals.  So, I asked the eye doctor.  It would appear that their continuing education requirement is similar to when we use to go to professional associations when we were university professors.  For us, the administration seemed to count it as “professional development.”  I would say from what he told me about continuing education for doctors it is very similar, but with attendance taken.  So continuing education for medical professionals apparently is show-up and get the credit.  For years I thought continuing education would be a good idea for those with piled higher and deeper degrees.  However, if it was only show-up and get credit, it would not have helped.  I’m thinking the whole concept of continuing education needs to be revisited.  (Yes, know I am responding to something for which I have very little information nor facts.  So be it; it is time I joined the current political rage—the resurrection of the Know Nothing Party).

The nights are getting long enough for me to be up for both sunrises and sunsets.  Yesterday I captured this sunset shot taken about a mile from home with the Nikon Cool Pic B500.  20160823_194638 c ns email.jpgThen this morning I was out for this predawn shot with the Samsung Smart Camera at the boat launch site on Silver Lake.  20160824_060636.jpgNeither is particularly spectacular, but, they still reflect a quiet time of day.  It was particularly peaceful at the boat launch when I took the predawn shot, but a bit chilly at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to My Annual Visit to the Eye Doctor

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice sunset, Theo. I like the distant glow.
    Like you, I found out late in life that I should have been wearing sunglasses to stop eye damage. Just last year, in fact, so a little too late in my case…
    Best wishes, Pete.


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