One can have too much coffee

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

It turned blessedly cooler yesterday.  The four days preceding all hit at least the high 90s by late afternoon and well into the 80s by noon.  Yesterday at noon, we still had a cloud cover, breeze and the temperature didn’t make it to 70 until late in the afternoon.  Consequently, I was out tending the pots for most of the morning.  I got them all watered; and, I will probably be able to skip watering today.  I harvested two drying screens of peppermint leaves and set them out to dry (it will take two days as the sun didn’t actually show its face until after 2:00 pm, but, I’m retired and have the time to wait).  I set the posts to hold up the raspberry cane next year and used nylon rope to judge how it will work. 20160827_153723 emai.jpg And I harvested a potato.

Yes, one potato. 20160827_102603 email.jpg When McDonald’s started giving out free used coffee grounds to be used in gardening, I thought to put one segment of a potato in a pot with only coffee grounds.  It actually sprouted, but never seemed to grown much higher than 4 inches.  I noticed a day or two ago that the top had died.  This morning, I dumped the pot and found my potato.  Now it you have trouble seeing it, it is laid out below and slightly to the right of the penny I put in for a size comparison. The rest of what you see on the cedar chips is the remains of the whole plant.  We will hold services as soon as we find out to which religion red potatoes subscribe.    What I have learned about this is one can have too much coffee—something a friend of mine up north will deny vehemently.  I am sure she will say, “Coffee is for people, not for potatoes.”  I suppose next year I could plant potatoes in several mixes of soil/coffee and see what is optimal, or at least the mix that is the tipping point that causes them to stunt the growth.  If, I remember, that is.

While watering, I spied a bee working the last of the tobacco flowers. 20160827_104832 email.jpg I have planned to set up a camera for taking photos of bees and hummingbirds working the tobacco flowers next year.  Tobacco flowers are at a good height for working with a level camera on a tripod. I have thought one needs a good steady platform for taking shots of bees and hummingbirds on flowers swaying in the breeze.  However, I was rather close and had my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in my shirt pocket so I put down the hose and snapped a shot of the bee.  Indeed, the tripod and regular camera should do better.

I was also surprised to see new blossoms on one of the blueberry plant on my front porch while watering. 20160827_105552 email.jpg This is the same plant that blossomed back in March and then bore a regularly timed crop in June and July.  These, two blossoms, however, look serious (serious in the sense of healthy and well formed).  It would be nice if the plant decided to bloom again and the weather held for a second crop.   There are suspiciously blossom like growths on many other branches.  I do love blueberry pie made with fresh blueberries.

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to One can have too much coffee

  1. beetleypete says:

    That potato looks very sad indeed, Theo. It might well be one of the smallest ever grown, hence the chance of fame! Perhaps the caffeine had an adverse effect, who knows? One thing’s for sure, it wouldn’t have got much sleep…
    I got a tip for focusing on moving things like insects, or plants waving in the breeze. Set the camera to ‘Continuous Focus’. I tried it, and it worked fairly well.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Thanks for the tip on continuous focus. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does have Tracking AF which focuses on a preselected item on the preview screen. That should do the trick.
      That potato plant was in a pot next to the pot containing peas. Could have been some inter-pot competition going on and the potato thought it won.


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