Close to a Quilt Shop Hop, but Not a Quilt Shop Hop — “Row By Row”

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday we were to have rain.  The coast was to have rain.  So when Nancy asked, innocently, if I wanted to go to the beach I knew it was a cover to visit quilt shops.  Apparently there is a quilt shop sales technique (phenomenon?) called “Row by Row.”  Each participating quilt shop has instructions for a row in a quilt and will sell you material to make the row.  In this case, one of the items going on at the same time as the row by row promotion is a state license plate with the shop’s name and a slogan of some sort on it.  The year for the license plates is over soon; so, the need was great to get them before they are gone.  So off we went to Clatskanie, Astoria, Long Beach and Cannon Beach.

At each stop, the wait is not at long as waiting for her when a shop hop is in progress.  For some reason, time in s quilt shop during a shop hop is much longer than any other time she spends in shops except to take or teach quilting classes.  So, most of the time is involved in driving to the shops.  When at the shop, I wander in the vicinity of the shop and snap photographs.  At the Diamond Fabric store in Cannon Beach, Oregon, she picked up the license plate and a kit. diamond fabric liscence plate row by row.jpg I have no idea what is in the kit.  The license plate comes with an explanation of sorts. castle rock liscence plate row by row.jpgWhile she was inside I shot a few photos.

Now this photo is a panorama of the quilt shop and the glass shop next door.20160831_1351-4 shot Panorama ns email.jpg The quilt shop is in a building that housed the first logging company in Cannon Beach.  So, its exterior and construction are interesting.

It is next to a glass maker.  I shot the glass maker’s shop separately20160831_135117 ns c email.jpg.I pulled out one of the glass shop’s the windows for attention and shot three shots that I stitched together to try to get the impact of looking through.  20160831_1353-3 shot Panorama ns c email.jpgPerhaps next time.

The two buildings form two sides of a box with two streets forming the third and fourth side of a box.  The panorama I attempted  does not show the squared off arrangement of the two buildings.  If I moved to a corner formed by the streets, it would show the arrangement correctly.  However, various signs then get in the way.  One of the problems of taking shots in a built-up setting in addition to traffic, wires and the like.

If you look at the bench in front of Diamond Fabrics, you will see a flower on the far right end.  I move in and shot the flower:20160831_135940 ns c email.jpg

Then I shot two more bunches of flowers, 20160831_135420 ns c email.jpg20160831_135617(0) ns c email.jpgyou can identify their location in the Diamond Quilt shop shot or panorama.

Directly across the street from Diamond Fabrics is a building with a gallery and coffee shop.  20160831_134925 ns email.jpgNext to that building on the left is the most ingenious privacy screen I have seen: floats hang from a tree.20160831_134951 ns email.jpg

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the fog seem to be rolling in off to the south.  So I shot that.  20160831_135727 ns c email.jpgThe day was in constant transition, but at least at this stop, I did not have to hang out under overhangs or inside stores.

It is the case that wherever one ends up, unless there are prohibitions against cameras (say like at Trump Tower), there is always something to capture with a camera (in this case with my Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which I hear in the news has had batteries explode.  do I need explosion proof tee-shits since I carry it in my breast pocket?).

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Close to a Quilt Shop Hop, but Not a Quilt Shop Hop — “Row By Row”

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice to be able to combine two hobbies on the same trip, Theo. Some good shots too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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