Precancel, Spaghetti Sauce from Dried Tomatoes, Sunset and The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I am still trying to track down the Rochester, NY cancellation on the 10₵ Monroe coil pair from the 1920s.  I saw a similar cancellation on a different but contemporaneous pair for sale and asked the seller if he knew which precancel type it was that he was selling.  He replied he thought the cancellation was a roller cancel and not a precancel at all.  Then I saw a pair with another impression that was of the same ilk in an online source that said it was a local town precancel.  My inquiries are leading me to discover more about cancellations than I thought I would ever want to know: .  The museum is just the tip of the iceberg.  While I still do not know what the Rochester, NY cancel is, I suppose I could submit the pair to be expertised and have the experts tell me for a price—some fraction of the value of the item submitted.   And since I do not know the value of want I would be submitting, I have no clue as to what that would cost. In any event, the minimum fee would be more than 99.999% of all item values it could be worth.

I dried a small batch of tomatoes Friday and reconstituted them for a tomato sauce last night.  It was successful.  We used garlic, basil and oregano from our pots.  We had to use store bought ground beef, olive oil and angel hair pasta.  It was a bit of a guess as to how to reconstitute the tomatoes.  I used 8 tablespoons of tomato powder in a cut of boiling water and let them sit for 15 minutes while I chopped up the rest of the stuff and browned the hamburger.  Since the basil, oregano and garlic was fresh, I simmered the sauce for about an hour to get them cooked.  Nancy did add a couple of table spoons of water at one point.   It turned out so well that even though we will not have a large tomato harvest, what we do have, we will preserve by dehydration and powdering in the Ninja.  It takes no longer to use powdered tomatoes for spaghetti sauce than it does to use canned tomatoes.  I think I will dry the oregano, basil and garlic too, to cut down on the simmering time.

After a dinner from reconstituted tomatoes and other “fresh stuff” from the pots, we drove down to Exit 49 on I-5 for an ice-cream cone.  We had the cone and time for a shot of the “just before sunset” taken on the WA 504 overpass on I-5.  After a couple of days of clouds and rain and mist and the like, the clouds broke yesterday afternoon and provided this display last evening.   I used my ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the 12 shots that went into this image.20160903_12 shot Panorama ns np email.jpg

I call my cell phone “ill-fated” because it will not be with me for long.  The evening before last, we heard a national news report that there were Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that had caught fire.  Then yesterday morning the news was that Samsung will be issuing a recall for the cell phone and replace it with something in the next few weeks.  Apparently 35 cell phones have burned while being charged.  This is 35 out of the over 2 million shipped so far.  There are four methods for charging the Note 7: USB through a computer, a fast charger supplied with the phone, a device one can set the phone on for a wireless charge and by using an old Samsung charger with an adapter for the Note 7.  Unfortunately, none of the reports tell us which method of charging was used in those phones that burned.  While the camera function has been just a bit different from what I have been accustomed to, I have begun to like using this cell phone for a camera—very handy and so far, I have gotten more than acceptable results with it.  It is a bummer that it is being recalled.  However, if I had money, I would have bought Samsung stock yesterday.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Precancel, Spaghetti Sauce from Dried Tomatoes, Sunset and The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  1. beetleypete says:

    The problems with the Note 7 made it onto the news here. That is an enormous recall, considering the tiny amount of the devices that caught fire. As you say, there is no clear information about why the ones that burned were faulty. Perhaps the owners were using cheap aftermarket chargers? Let’s hope that they either modify your ‘phone, or give you something that you like just as much.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Thanks Pete. Yes, let us hope. Fortunately I still have my old Note 3 and can use it as a fall back.


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