A Strange Awakening this Morning

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Two days ago, I got a note from my friend up north.  Her son had found a blueberry plant, full of blueberries.  He dug it up and brought it home for her to keep in a pot.  She wrote and asked me how to pot it.  I sent her links to about three dozen sites.  However, she expressed a desire to try to keep it with all the fruit and foliage with which it came.  So, basically, I told her she could try putting it in a well-drained soil with holes in the bottom of the pot, mixing some fertilizer in with the potting soil if the soil she was using didn’t have fertilizer built in and giving it at least a gallon of water a day until the plant rebounds from its shock—that she would be able to tell after the plant looks like the dickens for a while.  I also told her to add some wood ashes to the top of the pot.

I woke up this morning thinking about that blueberry bush.  As you may recall some time ago (I think it was two or three weeks ago, I really must start keeping a journal of what I do in the pots and raised beds), a woman brought Nancy two Chester berry bare root plants. They were mostly stalk with leaves and some root.  I did not pot them, but put them a raised bed of sorts (it is up only 6 inches, so it almost doesn’t qualify as a raised bed.  What I did was put the Chester berry plants in the bed by going down about 10 inches and mixing some organic fertilizer for vegetables and roses (it was all I had on hand) into the soil I put back around the roots.  I left a depression around where the stalks stuck up so that water would collect there and presumably permeate down to the roots.  Then I watered the dickens out of the newly re-planted Chester berries.  I watered them twice a day until the recent rain, during which I cut back to once a day.  Basically the plant looked like the dickens.  Leaves largely drooping.  However, each plant now has a sprig of leaves that are looking healthier and healthier every day.  Soon, they should be changing color like both my raspberry plants and some of the non-domesticated blackberries growing around the edge of my property.  So, while my friend’s newly adopted and potted blueberry bush may begin to look like hell, if she sticks with her watering it every day at least until Mother Nature kicks in with the annual eight months of rain she normally gets up near Seattle.  Transplanting plants, especially whole plants with lots of leaves and the like on it, is dicey this time of year.  However, she will most likely be rewarded for her tenacity in keeping it going.

I also had a thought this morning about the Trump presidential campaign and a line from its new campaign song.  The one it must have adopted as after his Detroit Black Church performance— “Who are you going to believe?  Me or your lying Eyes.”

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to A Strange Awakening this Morning

  1. beetleypete says:

    If Trump is clutching at straws, that can only be a good thing. For the first time over here, the TV news organisations are all saying that he won’t win. Let’s hope that they are right.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • And here the polls show him closing the gap with Clinton, who has been off raising money of late. Strange politics. Indeed, let us hope the conjecture from your side of the pond is more accurate than the polls.


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