Adventures in Napping and Photography

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

In late June, I needed a new prescription for one that expired.  So, I wrote out the request and took it in to the medical practice (I never call there, but that is a long story).  A day later I got a call from the practice telling me that since I hadn’t seen my primary care physician in a long time, they could not refill it unless I made an appointment to see her to go over my prescriptions.  The earliest they could get me in was yesterday, September 8th because my primary physician was out on maternity leave (pregnancy leave and maternity leave was the reason I could not see her since about January).  So, I made the appointment for 8:00 A.M. yesterday.

I got up yesterday around 3 A.M.  I putzed around, wrote to you and did a few other things on the computer.  After that, I still had two hours before I needed to leave to get a sunrise shot and make it to my 8 A.M. appoint with breakfast beforehand.  So I lay down to take a nap.  Ever the over cautious one, I set an alarm on my tablet to get me up if I actually didn’t get up on my own (not getting up on my own has happened twice before.  Once in 1968 and another time in 2008. Those also are long stories).

I actually did fall asleep and had the most bizarre dream.  An advisee from USC circa 1970, appropriately aged by my dream software, drove a four-wheel drive vehicle in my back yard, digging up mud and making ruts. Then he drove into the TV room leaving his vehicle blocking the television screen so Nancy couldn’t see her show.  As I was about to admonish him, a doorbell rang (we don’t have one).  So I went to the front door and three men were standing there.  Two of them were actors, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I recognized from the movie “Paul.”  The third guy was David Frost.  They invited themselves in and the issue was I apparently had a book that belonged to David Frost.  It was a book, I had picked up at a library book sale, you know the bag of books for $10.00.  They were seeking the book back and restitution for damage done to it while out of his possession.  They had sent my former advisee to get my attention first.  Whereupon my alarm went off and I was going to be late for the sunrise.  Well, I excused myself and woke up.

It took just a bit longer to get dressed and out the door than I planned and there was already color in the East-Northeast.  When I got to the boat landing I was able to capture the remnants of predawn color. 20160908_0631 8 SHOT Panorama ns email.jpg.  There was a fellow putting an inflatable canoe like boat in the water to go fishing.  He was both pleasant and chatty.  He explained that there are bass in this lake with his name on them.  I asked if he had had them tattooed.  “Yes” he replied “And I am going to gather them up again this morning.”  With that he started to paddle out.  And I captured him in the fading color on the lake 20160908_063155 c  ns email.jpg.  Within a nanosecond of my snapping him in the color of the morning waters he yelled an expletive and came paddling back to shore saying “Some damned fool forgot to put the plug in this thing.  Now I am going to have to sit in wet pants all day.”

He got the plug in, the water out of the boat and resumed his quest to get his tattooed fish back.  The color having faded, I left too.  After my breakfast and my doctor’s appointment there were photogenic clouds over the lake so I returned for more photographs(see the header of this installment).  The morning fisherman’s truck was still there and I noticed his back window. 20160908_101320 email.jpgInteresting sentiment in an interesting font.  Since this decal and another in the lower left indicates he was in the US Marine Corps, I must thank him for his service the next time our paths cross.

The doctor did go over my meds.  It largely involved her asking me “Are you still taking X.”  She did listen to my heart (I think I was beating to the 59th Street Bridge Song this morning. After all, I had already had one nap and two adventures, one of which was real) and gave me a prescription so I can buy a portable oxygen unit (my travel has been limited by the stationary unit I have for home use). She also explained a bit more about why the oxygen is necessary to avoid heart attacks and might even lower my blood sugar in the morning.  I made a conscious effort to be pleasant and agreeable this morning so I thought the appointment went well (I didn’t fire her, so that is an improvement).  This was, however, the first time I have left her office without a next appointment.  However, she is having me see a cardiologist for an annual checkup from their perspective.  Ever since my cardiologist retired two years ago I have been hit or miss with seeing someone in the cardiology practice.  That tends to convince me that the fellow who retired was indeed trying to convert me to Christianity rather than keeping tabs on my physical heart.  When I told this to my primary care physician she asked if I was an atheist or agnostic.  I said, no, I am an empiricist.  When she asked if empiricists held services, I thought it wiser to go along with her way of thinking and invented a whole new religion, with an empiricist bible, empiricist liturgy and an empiricist hymnal.  Fortunately for her, she was on a tight schedule and did not have time for me to get really creative. I always knew there was a language issue for physicians for whom English is not their primary language.

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Adventures in Napping and Photography

  1. beetleypete says:

    That dream was something else, Theo. I have arrived at two interpretations.
    1) You have been inhaling the fumes from your blackberry moonshine.
    2) It was an alien visitation, with them appearing as familiar figures from modern culture, and someone from your past. No doubt in the hope of reassuring you.
    I am hoping for option 2, as it is much more exciting.
    The photos were good, and I liked the canoe man paddling out with no bung in his boat!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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