Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Friday, Nancy finally agreed that we should switch off our Samsung Galaxy Note 7s and have our Note 3’s reactivated until replacements for the Note 7 come in.  It is unclear how many Note 7s were shipped.  Samsung claims between 2 and 2.5 million.  If it is 2 million and the odds of a bad battery by Samsung’s estimate is 1 in 42,000 then 35 should be bad.  35 have exploded.  However if it is 2.5 million there are still 17 potential explosive units in people’s pockets.  Samsung has offered to exchange the Note 7 for any other device and refund the difference (the Note 7 is their most expensive unit).  However, Nancy is sold on the Note series so she will not trade down.

So, since we were scheduled to go back to the Note 3 for a time, I took the Note 7 out for a final photography run yesterday morning before dawn.  I did three series of photographs and had Photoshop stitch each series into a panorama. 20160910_0609 8 SHOT Panorama NS email.jpg20160910_0623 11 shot Panorama ns email.jpg20160910_0627 16 shot Panorama ns email.jpg The panoramas were taken at about 5 to 10 minute intervals before sunrise.  I also shot the two fishermen shown in the last panorama 20160910_062729 sunrise still 17 minutes away c email.jpgand then again from the back .20160910_063228 c ns email.jpg The sky was virtually empty of clouds.  So, it was not a morning for a gaudy display of color.  Hence I shot panoramas to show the diversity of the far shore and fog on the lake.  The two fishermen were talkative to each other.  They spoke what I think is an Eastern European language, of course with my hearing aids they could be from Upstate New York.  I suspect they got lost in a traffic circle in Moscow and took the wrong exit and ended up here.  From the tone of their conversation I think they said:

“What is the fool doing without fishing equipment on the dock?

“Maybe he is going to jump in the lake and kill himself.”

“Well if he does, I am not wading out up to my knees to pull him out.” (the lake is very shallow)

“l’ll do it, that way his family will give me a reward.”

“How do you know he has a family.”

“Only people with families come out here to escape the family when they could be sleeping.  Like us.”

“No wonder he wants to kill himself.”


I generally find the Note 7’s camera easy to use; and, it produces clean images.  However, some of the buttons and options have been moved which means another learning curve (I am beginning to suspect the uphill nature of learning is what wears us out physically and contributes to ageing).  There are some new features to the phone’s camera.  However, I notice that the functions of some buttons are changed and the placement causes some problems in getting things adjusted for a shot because of the changes.  I have notice the same thing with new cars.  Auto makers move things around.  In both cell phones and cars, moving things about, leaves a stronger impression of actual change in the product.  When in fact the change is capricious and not always necessary.  In the camera function in the Note, it means changes in the way one holds and operated the camera; in driving the automobile, it means the driver has to look for things when his or her eyes should be on the road.

Despite the Samsung recall of the Note 7 and the expense to the firm.  I do like their products.  I have a Samsung smart camera and a Samsung tablet and televisions.  Samsung does nice work.  Then too, the fact that they are recalling all the Note 7s with a potential battery problem speaks well of their taking care to try not to injure customers.  If I had a few bucks, I would have bought Samsung stock this past Thursday or Friday when I first learned of the recall.  I think the firm is a good long term investment.

When we got into town yesterday, Nancy had changed her mind and wanted to hang on to the Note 7 for a week or so.  I guess we will see.  If neither of our phones blow up, I may scrape up the money to buy a share to two.

Warmest regards, Ed


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  1. beetleypete says:

    Julie has a Samsung ‘phone, (S6) and two tablets. They are both 10-inch tablets, one a Galaxy Tab 3 and the other the Galaxy Tab Pro. She loves Samsung products, and is completely converted to them.
    The images are very good indeed, Theo. They have a ‘painterly’ look about them. Hard to believe the quality available from a ‘phone these days.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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