Dawn, Fog, Light, State Police, Tomatoes and other stuff

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday I was up bright an early and got out to shoot some of the early dawn in the direction of the sunrise.  I wore a jacket with a hood.  I have found that if I keep my ears warm, I think, yes think, I stay warmer.  At least my teeth chatter less and I can hold the camera steadier (or so I think, the blurry photos belie that thinking).  It was a clear morning except over portions of Silver Lake and the hills to the east and south of the lake.  Initially the fog developing on the lake was off to the side of what would eventually be a sunrise .20160913_0609 6 shot Panorama 35 min b4 sunrise email.jpgThen that fog bank moved to cover the area of the sunrise.  Or so I though.  Actually, it was large and moving toward me. Eventually it engulfed me leaving visibility to less than desirable for shooting in the direction of the sunrise.  So, I cast about for other shots 20160913_063243 ns emil.jpg

(then cropping it a bit)

20160913_063245 c ns email.jpgbefore I left before the sun came up properly (they don’t seem raise suns properly these days like they did back when we were coming up).

When I got home I thought about breakfast.  Then decided against it for the time being.  I had not taken anything for the pain in my back (or holes in my chest) yet, so did not want to bring a cavity where a tooth was 24 hour prior into play.  Fortunately, I remembered to take the car in to Fred for an oil change.

Fred was in rare form.  He has a contract with the state police to remove vehicles they call him about.  As he puts it, “When they chase some dope head and the dope head runs into the woods and leaves his car, I get to get it.”  It seems the state police have called more than a few times only to call him back when he is halfway there canceling the call.  His contract requires him to be in the tow truck, in route 15 minutes after he gets the state police call.  They cancelled the call 30 minutes later.  He had an inspection from the contract enforcement arm of the state police (sounds like a really Big Brother to me) the day  before.  The inspector was concerned that he hadn’t answered several test calls.  Well, it seems test calls are not in the contract.  So, after the fourth one in as many days, Fred turned off his phone at 1 A.M. and got a good night’s sleep.  As I watched Fred change the oil, filter and check the air and fluid levels, I wondered if he had a bad battery as smoke was coming out of his ears.  To say Fred was pissed would be much less description than his actual state of mind.

Driving back east after the oil change I passed this:20160913_081517 ns email.jpg.  It took me a quarter of a mile to slow down and find a place to turn around in heavy traffic (folks were on their ways to work at 8 A.M.).  But I did and shot it again. 20160913_081559 ns email.jpg It is times like this I wish human artifacts and evidence of our occupation were not in the way.  The artifacts and evidence of occupation are visual hazards in the image making business, unless, that is, you are trying to sell something with photos.

I got back home with just enough time to water the pots before going to my talk session.  Since after putting high heel holes in my chest the dentist tole me no exertion for at least 2 days, I did not water that day.  However, September and the end of the growing season in sight with a couple of things that might eventually be harvestable, I thought it best not to test the drought resistance of my potted vegetables.  So I gave them a good long drink.

The rest of the day involved running here and there for all sorts or unnecessary reasons but I finally broke my fast and had a breakfast in a little restraint off the freeway just north of here.  I just barely made it to breakfast.  For their menu says breakfast is served until 4:00 P.M.  It was 3:49 when I ordered.  While I made it in time, the cook made it late as it was served at 4:07.  I guess the menu restriction doesn’t apply to him.  The I got to wondering.  The restaurant is open 8 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.  Why would they stop serving one meal for such a short time.  I am sure it is because that is the way they have always done it.  Taking in to consideration that meal was the first food I had eaten in over 44 hours, it tasted pretty good.

That reminds me of an experience my dad had.  Dad, growing up, hated tomato juice.  Tomatoes were one of the crops grandma could grow on the southern shore of Lake Superior.  So she grew a lot of them.  She canned them in as many different ways as she could—juice being her favorite (she like it with ground celery seed and salt).  One week when Dad was in his teens he was recruited to fight a forest fire outside of Washburn, WI in what was called the Pine Barrens (ironically a place they used to pick blueberries, but that is another story).  He had been on the fire line for about 16 hours when a truck came by and dropped off a case of canned goods for the fire fighters to get something in them (AKA their version of Fast Food).  The case contained only tomato juice.  Dad said “After fighting the fire all day, that tomato juice was the best thing I had ever tasted.”  He drank a lot of tomato juice from that day on and liked it.  So, I guess I am saying there is no telling if the breakfast I had yesterday was actually any good.  I now like that restaurant.

One of our stops involved receiving ½ box of tomatoes.  After we got home I cut and placed tomatoes on dehydrator trays until I ran out of dehydrator trays (but still have about four more trays worth of tomatoes).  So, it was a very busy day.

Warmest regards, Ed




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3 Responses to Dawn, Fog, Light, State Police, Tomatoes and other stuff

  1. beetleypete says:

    The panoramas and fog shots were full of atmosphere, Theo. It shows the value of being such an early riser. After 44 hours with no food, I think I would have enjoyed anything, even aubergines. Best to check out that place again, when you are not quite so hungry.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Good Morning Pete: Delightedf you foud the atmosphere in the early morning shots.
      I made aubergine lasagna once. One of my daughters who hated mushrooms, thought the aubergine was a mushroom, so her reaction resulted in our cleaning up the table and throwing out everything she hit with her rejected stomach contents including the aubergine lasagna. However, we called it eggplant the next time. Warmest regards, Theo


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