A Color Show and”Wait Training”

Dear Ted and Jody:

From my perspective, it is a good thing I went out to shoot the dawn yesterday, for Mother Nature put on a delightful colored lights show.  After taking the first photo 20160916_063215 nc ns email.jpg(a collection of single shots that Photoshop stitched together) with the Samsung Smart Camera, I set it up on a tripod on the dock to take a video of the changes of the light as the sun got closer to peeking over the mountains.  I learned a lot.  The dock is a floating dock.  So there is a bit of movement in the begging for the video as I left the dock and the end when I came back to retrieve it. Next time, I will set it up on land.

The second  image is a panorama shot with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (we are using these again until the Note 7s with “safe” batteries arrive at our local US Cellular store front, supposedly by the 21st.  We are not counting on that date.) 20160916_064220 nc ns email.jpg using the panorama mode.

The third attached image is panoramas taken with the Panasonic from Photoshop stitched together individual shots.P1010214-7 20160916_0650 Panorama nc ns email.jpg

Finally, I used the Nikon for a single shot.DSCN0859 20160916 6000 email.jpg

All four images were taken at different points in time between 6:30 and 6:50 yesterday morning with the official sunrise scheduled for 6:59.

I then came home and watered as my pots were complaining that we were ignoring them.

I went to a 10:00 A.M.  chiropractor appointment.  I saw the chiropractor around 10:40.  It occurred to me that I was in a building (a hospital and many doctor’s offices) that provided unlimited opportunities for “wait training” (say it out loud).  I don’t recall getting as much physical exercise just sitting around for 45 minutes.  There seemed to be an issue with whether or not insurance would pay for an evaluation by a chiropractor.  The receptionist literally insisted I pay up front.  The problem with that is they will not automatically submit the bill to the insurance company.  I am going to have to move heaven and earth to get them to do that for the health care service there believes that chiropractic evaluations are not covered.  It well may not be covered here; but, I don’t have insurance from here in Washington State.  I have it from Michigan and the rules are a bit different there, as I have discovered several times in the past: there and here–states are different.  So, I was hassled about payment and felt extorted.   Then despite the fact that my name is clearly written on their documents, they insist on calling me by another name and then look miffed that it is me and they have the wrong name.   So, by the time a patient, this one anyway, gets to see the actual health care provider the patient is not in the best frame of mind.  It is if the staff, wait and procedures are specifically designed to irritate the hell out of patients.

So, the doctor gets to deal with irate patients.  She and I talked about this and the length of time it took to get an appointment because of the insurance foolishness after our session.  Our session resulted in an MRI order and a referral to see a neurosurgeon to get the mess in my lower back fixed; I should have had this done a long time ago.  This chiropractor paid more attention to her patient, me, that she did the computer.  I found her to be open and honest and suspect she is very good at what she does.

At the very least it means I will get to do a lot more “wait training.”

Warmest regards, Ed

PS the image at the top was at about 135 degrees south and west of the direction of where the sun would rise and it was taken with the Note 3 ten minutes prior to sun rise.  It is a cropped single shot.


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6 Responses to A Color Show and”Wait Training”

  1. beetleypete says:

    I continue to be impressed by the quality of smartphone camera images. However, my favourite from your selection is undoubtedly the Panasonic image. (Third one down) That is good enough to hang on a wall, or to use as computer screen ‘wallpaper’.
    Good to hear that the doctor took your case seriously. Less good to hear about the cash-crazy health system in America once again.
    best wishes, Pete.


  2. Yes, must agree with Pete, the panasonic one rocks. It would be nice to click through them to see the eembiggened versions.


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