Hip Joint

Good Morning, again,  Ted and Jody:

Frank is free today so he will be here to finish up clearing the area around where the shed will go.  I can’t recall if I said, but the shed will go up on the 6th and 7th.  I figure that is quick.  I’m picking Frank up as it is cheaper if I drive than if he does as he always seems to be out of fuel; besides, picking him up gives me an excuse to stop for breakfast at MickeyDee’s.

McDonald’s has started a set of 12 action heroes for Happy Mean enclosures—six are action figures and two are head gear for the very young, a Batman Mask and a Wonder Woman head piece.  Since the figures don’t actually do anything, why are they called “action figures.”  Why not just dolls or miniature statues?  Anyway, I have decided to start collecting McDonald’s Happy Meal “toys” again.  I can hardly wait for the next annual Hot Wheels/Barbie set to come out.

Nancy has scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon towards the goal of a hip replacement.  She had a shot 10 days ago, that was to take a week to kick in.  It hasn’t kicked in and she is tired of the pain.  Since she won’t see him until the 11th, I have no idea yet of when that will be.  However, I got to thinking we had better schedule a wedding ceremony to keep things legal around here. Since she has already had two knee replacements and now a hip, at some point she will be a completely different woman than the woman I married.  So, to keep things legal, we had best get married again.  But then, if she is a different woman would I be committing bigamy by marrying her and not divorcing her first.  I can’t image she would stand still for a divorce, so I am sort of between a rock an a hard place—forced to live in sin because Nancy would throw a “hissy-fit” if I divorced her so I could marry the woman she is changing into.  Perhaps the simplest thing is for me to get a bunch of parts replaced so she would be living in sin as well and would see my point of view.  But then maybe she would not like the replacement guy I would become—able to move and do things.

I’ll ask Frank when we have breakfast what he would do in my situation.

Warmest regards, Ed


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5 Responses to Hip Joint

  1. beetleypete says:

    Perhaps you can just renew your vows, to include the replacement parts?
    Just a thought.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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