Almost Sunrise and a machete

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got up yesterday morning and checked my smartphone for the weather.  It said, cloudy.  I went outside to see the weather app had lied—it was clear with a sky full of moon and stars.  I guess I should have just gone outside to see in the first place.   Since I was going in to have breakfast with and pick up Frank, I set an alarm to remind me to leave about 6:30 to get setup to shoot the dawn.

When I got to the boat landing there was a medium layer of fog covering the lake and the area where the sun would come up.  It looked a bit dreary and not at all promising for a color show.  20160924_063853 ns email.jpgNever the less, I set up anyway and as time progressed I got the next two panoramas of a developing color show through the thinning layer of fog.20160924_0647 12 shot Panorama 14 minutes before sunrise ns email.jpg20160924_0708 12 shot Panorama 7 minutes after sunrise ns email.jpgSave for the first shot taken with my Samsung Smart Camera, the panoramas and final shot (below) were taken with the Note 7 replacement we got on the 22nd. (Those replacement boxes are marked with red tape that says, they are SAFE REPLACEMENTS in so many words.  Let us hope.)  I would say the Note 7 camera is every bit the camera the other cameras I have are.  It only lacks an eye piece viewfinder, a way to set it up on a standard tripod, and the kind of ease of handling of a normally shaped camera.  But then with boxes, and other shaped cameras, who is to say what a normally shaped camera is.

The sun was scheduled to come up at 7:01.  I finally left to pick up Frank at 7:12. As I got back to the car I shot the final morning shot just as the sun finally peeked over the Cascades.  Late again.  However, it is unusual to have this much color right at sunrise.20160924_071317 ns email.jpg  If it keeps dallying it will be noon before it comes up in December.  But then I have heard astronomers describe the sun as in its adolescence.  Since I was set up and shooting a video of the dawn and sun rise, I will have to revise it to just a video of the dawn.  Pity for that means I can’t use Also sprach Zarathustra as a sound track for it.  In all truth, I did know the Cascades are irregular and the actual time the sun shows its face is different every day relative to the “official sunrise time“—always later than published.  However, I needed a good story for why my planned video failed.

Frank spent about 4 hours clearing brush and leveling the ground in the vicinity of where the shed will be placed.  I cut mint and hung it to dry in the garage.  Cutting mint is hard on my back.  So I put together one of those portable work benches like the Black and Decker one, but this one is an off brand I got at Big Lots some 5 or 6 years ago when I was feeling like work.   Once I had it assembled (and I can tell you that putting in the wood screws by hand is no longer an easy matter for my old hands and muscles), it was light enough to move about the exterior of the house where I have the peppermint plants strategically located in pots—all 20 or so of them.  Since the pots are small and I had not yet watered yesterday, it was one bend to pick them up, put them on the work bench and then trim them at waist high and one bend to put them back down.  The workbench made the peppermint harvest much easier.

So, all in all, it was a very productive morning.  When we took Frank back to town we bought a machete for him to use in hacking away at several aggressive blackberry plants that are trying to take over the driveway.  John will be back this morning after my early session with Juli.

While in the store to purchase a machete, I saw a Vietnam era vet.  He had a baseball style hat proclaiming his service.  I thanked him for his service; and, he indicated he thought it was a waste given what the president and government are doing.  He felt we need a very strong military without nukes.  Funny, I seem to recall the downsizing of the military was done under Bush and Rumsfeld and held down by Republican Congressional budget-making since then.  Yet, this fellow seemed to want to blame Obama for the weakening of his precious military.  I did not argue the case with him, but tried to reassure him that his service was beneficial and he needed to vote.  He said he didn’t vote “Voting don‘t make no difference.“  Given his negative views of America today, I suspect he would be a Trump voter.  It would have been interesting to find out what he listened to for speculation (news) and commentary and what has happened in his life since he retired from active service to make him this negative about the country, but he really didn’t seem inclined to talk except to grumble.  I view it as an opportunity missed to learn.  Pity.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Almost Sunrise and a machete

  1. beetleypete says:

    There is great atmosphere in those shots, Theo. I agree that the results from the ‘phone camera are very good too. Sad to hear the Vietnam Veteran does not vote. After all, that sad war was supposed to be all about ‘democracy’, wasn’t it?
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • I too think the photos were worth the early morning out and the Note & did well. Glad you found atmosphere in them too.
      I am not all that sure what the Vietnam War was all about. As I recall the War started with the French reestablishing their colonial hold over the country after WWII. The “communist” rebels (since they won, they were actually revolutionaries) began to make inroads and the country was partitioned. Somehow we, using the Domino Theory, fooled ourselves into thinking it was a contest between us and the bad guys; and, if we didn’t get involved the bad guys would win. So we started small with a few military advisors to “help” the South (supposedly democratic or at least not communist) stand against the “aggressive” north (communist and not at all democratic). However, much to our “surprise” the South was not democratic and the hearts and minds of the people were not with the government. So, we upped our involvement to win the hearts and minds of the people of South Vietnam. To do this we committed ground troops, bombed the hell out of Vietnam (North and South) and bombed in a few neighboring countries to the Vietnams as well. I must say, a very novel approach to winning hearts and minds. We would have had more luck passing out Hershey bars; but then, they melt in that climate, so perhaps, M&Ms. The net result is the so called bad guys won.
      So, the net effect was the Vietnam War should have taught us the stupidity of going to war to win the hearts and minds of people who are doing something we don’t think fits our model of how they should do things. It should have taught us not to prop up military dictatorships that call themselves democratic or anti-communist. However, if one examines how we got involved in the more resent incursions in the Middle East, it is not terribly clear the lessons of Vietnam were actually learned. Just because the name of the so called bad guys has changed, doesn’t change the lessons learned in making earlier mistakes.


  2. Lovely photo’s, your camera phone does a very acceptable job.


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