Good Morning Ted and Jody:

While there was no sun rise yesterday morning (the Governor called and said he had cancelled it and I could sleep in.  What sleep?  With his phone call awaking me at an ungodly hour, what sleep?) we were up early as we had to make a planned emergency run to a quilt shop in Canon Beach, OR.

Over the past eight years the blockage of traffic by railroad activities (trains slowing down for school zones and the like), yesterday was the first time we had to wait for a train to go by.  While we could see their tracks in the past so knew they much have gone by recently, we had never seen one in Longview blocking a road.  Yesterday we learned it really can happen.  We must have been inconvenienced for at least 3 WHOLE minutes; so now we know what all the fuss is about.  The underlying issue is very confused for it involves bringing coal in to the Longview docks to transship to ships.  The environmentalists don’t want that, the people who live near the tracks or port don’t want that, the Republicans don’t want that and the newspaper editorials certainly don’t want that.  The claim is it would double the train traffic (OK, so I would be stopped every eight years for a total of 6 WHOLE minutes).  In any event we got past the tracks and had to wait 5 minutes to cross the Lewis and Clark Bridge over the Columbia which they were working on for the umpteenth time since we got here in 2007.  Funny, the newspapers never seem to reflect any controversy about bridge waiting.

Once across the river I pulled into the first viewing area at about 500 feet above sea level and shot the bridge. 20160930_115025 email.jpg

The next stop was Safeway in Astoria, where I shot the same Columbia River scene I have shot so many times before.  I am sort of like the Mel Gibson character in the film Conspiracy Theory and his need for the book, Lord of the Flies.  I just have to do it.20160930_1251 6 shot Panorama c email.jpg

While Nancy was in the Diamond Center Fabric Shop, I shot a flower.20160930_143925 email.jpg

Then I wandered into the glass blowing establishment where the glass blower and her assistant were putting on a demonstration.  All the seats were taken at the window separating the glass blowing from the glass blowing watching so I thought to stand back a bit and see what I could produce by way of combination glass blowing action shot and reflections in the same shot.  I had hoped to get some intense watching from the reflections, but didn’t really come close. 20160930_142019 email.jpg I am going to have to work on my reflections in window glass technique.  I suppose I couldn’t get the glass blower to put in a one-way mirror.

We then stopped at Costco in Warrenton, OR.  You remember the place I picked up the game camera when Nancy let me roam unsupervised.  She let me roam again.  Until yesterday, I thought there were five core food groups: olives, popcorn, M&Ms, gin, and everything else.  In Costco I may have discovered a 6th.  While it is too early to tell if this is just a passing fancy in my taste buds, but Dried Mandarin orange slices may be a 6th core food group.  I have gone on hunts for whole green olives, coffee nut variety of M&Ms, strawberry popcorn which have qualified them to have a category all to themselves.  If I find myself on a quest to find dried Mandarin orange slices, we will then know it qualifies as a food group all unto itself.  We won’t know that until I run out of the ones I bought yesterday. (Half a bag to go, then we see if I get the shakes.)

I set an alarm this morning to get up at an ungodly hour and call the Governor. When he answered I told him “There was too a sunrise.”  I then hung up.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Yesterday

  1. beetleypete says:

    You had some lovely blue skies for those photos.
    Rain and darkness here today. So much for Autumn.
    The flower close-up worked very well indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely shots especially the spoon flower. Can you not make dried mandarin slices yourself in that super dooper expensive drying machine you have?


  3. Thank you. I did not know it was called a spoon flower. Thank you for that. To be honest. I had not thought of dried Mandarin segments until I tasted one yesterday and your suggested it this morning. Something new to dry! Now to wait for a sale on Mandarin oranges. (I am also going to see what can be done with lemons and limes). Again, thank you.


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