Email Exchange with Juli and Clouds

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday, Juli was off getting continuing education for her masseuse license so no session for me this week.  However, I did get a note from her this morning.  Rather than paraphrase, here it is:

“I hope your week was productive and peaceful.  Since I don’t get to see you this week I thought I better fill you in on my kindergarten experience.  Long story short, after being spit in the face, highlighted on my jeans, and utterly disrespected…..I started missing my personality disordered patient’s with behaviors….they are much kinder.  I also ended up getting sick Thursday night, dragged myself up to Seattle with a rucksack full of soup and vitamin C and climbed in bed with my sister, her 120 pound bull mastiff, 20 pound jack Russell, and slept like a corpse for 6 hours before willing myself up with full blown cold and all to head into down town Seattle.  My fear of no one wanting to work with my snotty nose and all was quickly dissipated as 3 of the people I went to the Rock tape training 2 years ago were actually at this training.  Such a small world. One lady was from Olympia, one from Idaho and the gentleman I don’t recall is home of origin.  So glad I went to this training.  I love the tools, and I think you will too.  Today I will rest, while doing laundry of course and I’ll check in with you next week.  Yours Truly,  Scared of Kindergartners “

The reference to checking in next week is because she is on duty at her work next Sunday so I will miss her then as well.  She only has access to the room she uses for massages on weekends.   I do have a session with her masseuse this afternoon to tide me over.


My reply to her:


“Kindergarteners are “interesting.”  When Nancy and I got married she was teaching Kindergarden and I University level people.  I used to joke and say, “Mine were better ‘potty’trained.”  She disputed that vehemently. She may have been right.  However, I observed the 5-year-olds had not been trained to treat others as they themselves wanted to be treated.  I guess, you observed that as well last week.  By the time they get to be in your charge at work, they are past potty training and have come out the other sideJ.  They also move slower so you can get away from them more often.

“Your sleep arrangements up north sound like not quite “quality” sleep time.  I suspect the large dog created the fewest problems in bed.

“I am can hardly wait to experience what you have learned.

“I guess I had a productive week as I had the dehydrator running most of the time.  Frank was here two days getting the corner of our lot ready to have a shed put up.  As for the rest of the time, other than an emergency run to Canon Beach to a fabric store on Friday, I would be hard pressed to account for my time.  I took a lot of photographs, does that count? J

“You have a great week.  I’ll pester your inbox later in the week.  I did enjoy the mugs for seniors and will be looking to buy the entire set. Yours.”


The rainy season made a feeble start on Thursday.  It dribbled at bit on Friday and yesterday was not wet after 4 a.m.  However, the changing weather fronts provided some photo opportunities for clouds along Silver Lake and on the Oregon bluffs overlooking the Columbia River and Longview and the head of my driveway.  There were to be sure, plenty of other places to stop, but traffic gets all messed up if I stop in the middle of I-5 or other places with people hurrying to get from here to there.  So, I restrained myself and only took a these few shots:20161001_1013 7 shot Panorama ns1.jpg20161002_1359 14 shot Panorama ns1 email.jpg20161002_1405 6 shot Panorama ns email.jpg20161002_1643 11 shot Panorama ns email.jpg210161002_1646 6 shot Panorama ns email.jpg20161002_1554 10 shot Panorama ns email.jpg

I do love clouds and think they add to an image.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Email Exchange with Juli and Clouds

  1. beetleypete says:

    I am more than impressed with those clouds, and the ‘big skies’ in the photos, Theo.
    And I have to agree that sleeping with two dogs is not my idea of quality sleep!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always think if one is going to have a big part of the photo showing the sky, one needs to fill the sky. So, I tend to shoot when there are clouds to properly fill it.

      Amen to the sleeping with dogs.

      Enjoy the day, Pete.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very dramatic clouds which I love to see.
    Being a qualified sports masseuse in a previous life, my mind is boggling as to what ‘tools’ Juli will be applying to your person on her return, when I trained our only tools were our hands and elbows so I will be pleased to learn how things have moved on.
    I can attest that sleeping with a cat is very uneventful, until it’s hungry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      I will take a photo of her new “tools” in two weeks when I see here next. As I recall, they look like brass knuckles.
      Yes, cats walk on one’s head at 2 A,M. to get one up to show them where their food is located.

      Liked by 1 person

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