Shed Construction Day

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Being the Pacific Northwest, the shed installers arrive 40 minutes late.  Then they did not have all the right materials so had to go into Castle Rock to get some lumber the right size for the job.  However, they did unhook their trailer and one of them stayed behind to unload the stuff that was for the job and get the site radio tuned to an “acceptable” radio signal by which to work. 20161006_121034 email.jpg

Gracie, showed interest in all the building materials lying about and made friends with the fellow who unloaded the materials while the other was away getting the right length 2X4s.  Gracie normally spends most of her days, when outside, lying on the lawn—sunning herself, so to speak.  Yesterday, however, she spent most of the day at the “construction site.”  20161006_130942 email.jpgAt one point I looked out the window to see her pick up an 8 inch 2X4 piece and run off with it.  I suppose hide the lumber pieces is the name of the game.  Fortunately, most of the stuff is too big for her to handle alone. I was hoping that she didn’t wander off to get another dog to help take the really big stuff. Apparently she didn’t think of that, or there aren’t any other construction site dogs in the neighborhood that know the game “hide the lumber.”

The workers were good natured about Gracie “assisting” them.  I suppose it gave them a minor diversion from the grueling work of aiming a pneumonic hammer 20161006_161132 email.jpg(yes, I realize the things are heavy and take a lot of upper body strength to wield) and reading the instructions that came with the kit we purchased.20161006_134143 email.jpg

They were in a race with rain.  Rain was predicted for late in the afternoon.  It came a bit early so the fellows got wet but it was not heavy rain, only a Washington Mist.20161006_172007 email.jpg But, they got the roof on; no shingles but the roof is ready for shingles assuming it doesn’t rain today.  Then, if no rain, they can shingle and paint (and maybe, hang the door?).

Warmest regards, Ed


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7 Responses to Shed Construction Day

  1. beetleypete says:

    That looks like an impressive shed indeed, Theo. Big enough to provide a bolt-hole if you should ever blot your copybook! Might need power run into it for your Ebay transactions though…
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Very exciting to have a new shed, I am having one made too and hoping for delivery in the next week or so. Yours looks ginormous!


  3. Yes, it is exciting. When the paint is dry I get to start lugging stuff out there to fill it. Must fill it, you know. While it is ginormous, I think I might have gotten a really big one. For we do have a lot of stuff we don’t need, don’t use and can’t part with.


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