After a long night, we are off this morning

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We are off to Portland to my sister Ronda’s memorial today.  We had a late night as we had to get up and move fans in the shed.  The shed installers left while we were in town and there was water on the floor from the night before.  So when we got home we saw what was “soaking wet” with puddles, squeegeed if off, and set up fans to dry it off a bit so the floor wouldn’t warp.  Fortunately, it only misted last night so most of it is dry (at least not soaked) save the foot or so in the doorway itself.  I made the final fan move at 5:00 this morning.  Nancy says they will be back today to finish putting on the door. We’ll see when we get home from the memorial.

Nancy says the shed installers seemed surprised that there was as much water on the floor when they talked to her yesterday morning.  They had only put the roof on and not sealed it up.  Nancy commented, “This is Washington in the rainy season, what did they expect, a down pour of dry?”  The sever inches of gaps between the two sections of each side of the roof, plus the gap at the peak were plenty enough to insure all of the rain striking the particle board that did not soak in would run down onto the floor.  So Nancy and I worked about an hour getting it ready with the lumber inside and up so it would dry and prepped it for the fans.  With the shingles on, the mist last night only got in through the double wide door; and the fans seemed to dry the rest out to the point where it is not going to warp (we hope).

The memorial today will begin with a 10to 15-mile boat ride up the Columbia River where Ronda’s husband Peter wants to spread her ashes.  It is a spot that he describes as her favorite spot on the river.  It is at a bulge in the river which their daughter, McKenzie, has named Lake Ronda where Ronda used to take McKenzie and a couple of friends camping when Pete was away.  Pete, says he has never been to the place.  (Interesting.)  Then back to the marina and yacht club where he docks his boat to a catered luncheon for Ronda’s friends.   It has been four months to the day that Ronda fell and died.

I suppose the fussing over the wet floor in an almost finished storage shed did help to take our minds of where we are going today and why.  If we get back at a reasonable hour, I will write again.

Warmest regards, Ed


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5 Responses to After a long night, we are off this morning

  1. I hope your memorial goes well. You shed installers sound like what we call ‘cowboys’ here.
    (Not sure why cowboys is synonymous with dodgy workmanship as am sure the real ones were very good, at least they seem so in movies.)


    • Yes, the memorial went well. I will write to Ted and Jody about it this morning.
      It could be that cowboys are itinerant and have no permanent connection with the job site or responsibility for it. Yet even that belies the reality of agricultural worker stability in the period after our Civil War to the rail road penetrating of all of the western states’ grazing lands. Regardless, you are correct in your appellation. We came home at the end of a very long day away and found they had not returned to finish. Since rain is forecast, and our fans had dried the floor out to an acceptable level, we jury rigged a sheet of black plastic to cover the double door open while the fans continue to do their “thing.” At some point someone will finish the job, for we have a contact with a large corporation. Is that wish thinking to put a corporation in charge of completing a small shed?

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  2. beetleypete says:

    Late to this one of course, so will catch up with the memorial trip on the other post.
    Regards, Pete.


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