Fishing and Tomatoes

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday turned out to be a classically, beautiful Autumn day—cool with a slight breeze and lots of sun with fluffy clouds.  However, it did not start out that way.  After I took photographs of the mist and my breath, the clouds rolled in.  By the time dawn was on the horizon, the clouds dominated overhead.  I did have time to stop for a couple of quick shots at the boat landing on my way in for a massage appointment with a new masseuse.20161010_071832 c ns email.jpg20161010_071916 ns email.jpg

The fellow fishing, used an electric motor in the front of the boat to move about.  His foot did the steering.  He said it was easier than putting an anchor out and pulling it up every time he wanted to move.  As he moved after every cast, I would say so.

Since Juli was at continuing education a week ago and had to work at the nursing home last Sunday, I used her masseuse last week and a new one, just starting out, this week least I fall apart completely.  (Although, I am not sure how I would know unless pieces actually started falling off).  The new one, Andrea, is very good.  While she did a deep tissue massage on me, she has what I will call tuning forks available.  She showed me how they work.  She gets for fork vibrating, holds it to an area and the vibrations penetrate the muscle without the pressure of a deep tissue massage.  Then the does something similar to a Swedish Massage on that area.  She has a whole array of vibrating devices in size and weight.  I may ask for that the next time she fills in for Juli just to see how it works in a full massage.

When I got home, the shed installers were almost finished with the shed.  The fellow who was in charge called on Sunday telling me that given the weather it could be some time before they got back to finishing.  He said, “I don’t want to leave you hanging.”  I was not my usual charming and cordial self.  I replied, “Too late, I have already been hung.”  So their being here yesterday was totally unexpected.20161010_155339 o ns email.jpg  Could it have been the fellow was susceptible to irony?  However, they did finish, including a repaint to Nancy’s specifications.

By the time we went in to Longview for lunch, the day had become what is often called picture perfect.20161010_152037 ns email.jpg

Last week, I looked for sale priced tomatoes to dry and found none.  I was told the bumper crop season was over and I would play hell to find “cheap tomatoes” anywhere.  Well, we had to take something back to Wal-Mart and lo and begorrah they had vine tomatoes for 87₵/lb.  That means my dehydrator is back in full operation.  I’ll check back today for more tomatoes after Nancy’s visit to the orthopedics fellow about her hip (I’d tease her about “working up” and asking what’s next since she stared with knee replacements and now the hips, but she is in pain, and it is not actually funny.  It might be later.)  Next year, I will try got generate a bigger crop if this tomato power I am producing for making sauces.  I should think it would be ideal for Nancy looks high and low for low sodium tomatoes for her dietary needs. My home-made tomato power has to be tied with raw tomatoes as the lowest sodium tomato product there is.

Warmest regards, Theo


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2 Responses to Fishing and Tomatoes

  1. Lovely photos to go with your busy day. Glad the shed is finished it looks spiffy. There’s still no sign of ours 😕 and was hoping it would arrive prior to the bad weather we are now having. Sigh.


  2. beetleypete says:

    That is a handsome shed indeed, Theo. And the shot with the blue skies is well-described as ‘picture perfect’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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