hard, driving rain –OR–hard driving in the rain?

Dear Ted and Jody:

In the first two days of our “rain and wind” event (what the locals call a storm) we got over 3 inches of rain.  I don’t know how much more as I go to bed early and the rain gauge turns over at midnight and I am too tech not-savvy to hook it up to a computer to get daily totals.  But then, we (Frank and I) put this rain gauge up on 2X12s at a height of about 18 feet (so we could catch the wind speed without too much ground clutter (houses and trees) getting in the way and both slowing it down and deflecting it into different directions.  However, we did not use levels so there are inaccuracies built in.  But, my 3 inches’ jives with the weather forecasters, the local paper and radio (and they are all within ½ inch of each other).  Today we have had less than ½ inch by noon.  The wind has subsided quite a bit, from 40 mph on Friday to 25 mph yesterday to less than 10 mph today (so far, but we are between fronts again).  These fronts are supposed to continue into the foreseeable future (at least the end of the month).  So if you hear rumors that the Pacific Northwest has floated out to sea, believe them as we will soon have enough water to float a land mass this size.  Without an anchor, who knows where the Pacific Northwest will end up.  However, the St. Lawrence Seaway is too narrow in most spots to take something our size unless the locks are widened.

Driving past the State Park and Mt. St. Hellens visitor center at about the 5 mile marker on WA504 in the rain this morning, I recalled taking some photographs there of the lights when there was snow on the ground.  So, I tried with rain in the air this morning.  This first shot is of the lights in an auxiliary lot as the main lot was not open that early.  20161016_065036 ns email.jpgThe second “image” is from a shot I took of the tunnel under WA504 connecting the camping area with the visitor center.  20161016_065058 mw p email.jpgAgain, I used the Edge 7 camera for these.

On the way back from my massage, I stopped at the Lion’s Park just south of Castle Rock, WA to take advantage of a temporary interruption of the rain between fronts. 20161016_104259 ns email.jpg The fourth photo was at the north end of Castle Rock. 20161016_104843 ns email.jpg The fifth was taken from the overpass at the beginning of WA504 at I-5.  20161016_105151 p email.jpgBy this point it was beginning to rain again, so I only shot the one panorama from there.  The rest of the way home was in hard, driving rain again (interesting how the words equally describe the driving and the rain).

We are off to town, now, to see about getting an ark.

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to hard, driving rain –OR–hard driving in the rain?

  1. beetleypete says:

    That’s a lot of rain, Theo. I am sending gopher wood by courier!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Maybe just attach a sail to your new shed? 😊


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