My Rant Back to Trump

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The news (and here is where my term for it, “speculation,” is most appropriate) is that Trump says the election will be rigged against him to get Hillary elected.  Since there are (and I am going to round down to even numbers) 50 states and 3,000 counties and 19,000 cities and towns and each runs the elections in their jurisdiction, Trump is alleging close to 22,500 members of a conspiracy to keep him out of office with the majority of them being Republicans. Those 22,500 people should be applauded for managing to keep a secret until Trump blew the whistle on them.  However, since those 22,500 people know the truth, they should be insulted by Trump’s charge that they are trying to rig the election.

As far as I can tell, US supporters of Trump tend to be white, Christian males who seem to fear the changing demographics in America.  It is as if the slogan is “Make America White Again.”  These supporters are formerly little boys who were taught they were special because they were boys and because they were white.  It is interesting that folks who seem conflicted about the two candidates don’t seem to realize that the criticisms of Trump come from what the man has said and done and get reported in the media.  The criticism of Clinton goes back to when her husband was President and comes from the right wing talk radio (Russ Limbaugh is a strong critic and always has been frothing at the mouth when he talks about the Clintons), Republicans and all the leaks and controversy over Benghazi and emails come from countless Republican Congressional hearings that lead nowhere.  But they keep it up.  The Republicans, when it comes to Clinton, want there to be fire even when there is only the illusion, in their minds, of smoke.  Clinton’s major faults are three: she is human, female, and a typical politician (politicians, lie or at least talk around the truth). Since she has been in politics in one way or another for a long time, the opposition has had time to make her look worse than they are (and that speaks volumes).  I recommend that everyone look at the source of information that they are using to support or not support either candidate.  All the recent stuff stems from Trump.  Look at the Internet stuff published by both candidates.  On the Trump site, the issue is Clinton (and now denials about groping).  On the Clinton site there are actually issues dealing with education, taxes, foreign policy just to name three and plans for meeting them that do not involve criticisms of Trump.

We seem to live in the era of belief.  Unfortunately, when people believe something, one cannot persuade them that even a small part of their belief is wrong.  So, directly taking on Trump’s supporters, would be to no avail.

If I had a twitter account I would tweet “#DeportTrump” or “WallOffTrump.”  Neither would need an explanation or context.  If one caught on, it would enrage the Trump supporters, but not change their minds.   Fortunately for me, I do not seem to have an account and am currently boycotting new accounts that I have to have a password to use. Besides, having security on a site that is for ranting is not exactly a place I would worry about being impersonated.

The media here in the Pacific Northwest over exaggerates fronts coming in off the Pacific and calls them all storms.  This time there were tornados on the coast.  However, other than, now, 4 inches of rain, and a bit of wind, it is largely all bluster and no action.  Indeed, I overheard one woman complaing that she bought extra stuff for the storm and the storm seemed to fizzle out.  She would have been happier after her purchase had she lived on the part of the Oregon Coast that tornados struck.   In the Midwest we would not have noticed other than the need for rain gear.  We are now predicated to have dry days on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  All three only have a 30% chance of rain and they are too far in the future for most of us to remember the forecast.

Warmest regards, Ed


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8 Responses to My Rant Back to Trump

  1. beetleypete says:

    I can feel your pain, Theo The overwhelming thoughts here are that if these are the best options that both the Democrats and Republicans can come up with, then America is a lost cause. At least politically. I feel sure that Trump cannot win, but then there lies the problem of the ‘backlash’.
    (House prices are cheap in Beetley, and McDonald’s is only three miles away…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I just wish Obama could stay president forever.


  3. Before I make a commitment to moving, what does Senior Coffee cost at McDaonald’s?


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