Dawn’s Early Light and Trump’s Oscar level performance

Good Morning Ted and Jody:Y

Yesterday morning, we had a break in the rain that allowed for some dawn shots.  I got to the boat launch to find it surrounded by fog.  20161019_070531 ns email.jpgThere were a couple of trees down from the wind event a few days before (when we hit the national news for severe weather).  A tall tree fell between the two out houses at the boat launch site; it did nick the corner of one of the roofs.  I attempted to show the down tree with headlights, 20161019_070410 ns email.jpgbut found it did not really show well, so I went back later when it was fully daylight and took the shot in daylight.20161019_134620 email.jpg Despite the downed tree blocking part of the maneuvering area for boat trailers, three vehicles with boat trailers had managed to launch before I got there.   In the early morning, the longer I stayed, the denser the fog got.  So, I packed up and drove to the other side of the lake. 20161019_072314 ns email.jpg

As you can see from the panorama on the northeast side of the lake there was fog but, one could see the dawn as the fog sort of petered out at that end.  I found the northeast corner of Silver Lake just off WA504 to yield some interesting scenes.  The building at the end of the boat dock floated “surreally;”20161019_071447 - Copy dry brush email.jpg and, the protected area next to the extreme northeast corner of the lake showed traces of frost.20161019_073322 ns email.jpg I was still able to get some color a few hundred yards east of the Lake across a cow pasture.  20161019_073756 ns email.jpgThere was even sunrise color I was able to shoot from the head of my drive when I went back home.20161019_0747 3 v shot Panorama ns email.jpg

My used US coil buyer let four lots close without a bid yesterday and has not bid on three more to close in the next few days.  Perhaps the “attached coils niche market” is coming to an end.

I was impressed by how accurately Donald Trump managed to imitate Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live imitating him last night.  I thought Trump would have done a much better job of imitating Baldwin imitating him had Trump not been tethered to a podium where his microphone was fixed.  However, despite that Oscar level performance, Trump’s refusal to state that he will accept the outcome of the election, once again sucked the air out of any reasonable chance for him to make policy points and expand his base.  That refusal will dominate the news until he comes up with something more outrageous. How that can be, I cannot imagine; only his mind could and will come up with something more out of touch with American values and tradition).

There is an Oregon race in which the Democrat is running television ads linking the Republican candidate to Trump.  The ad shows similarities to Trump positions.  The ad shows a woman listening and turning off ads by the Republican making outlandish statements (which are in the Republican’s own ads).  At the end, the ad says. “If we elect him, we will never be able to turn him off.”  That could be our national fate as well.

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4 Responses to Dawn’s Early Light and Trump’s Oscar level performance

  1. beetleypete says:

    I have only seen snippets of the debate, shown on the news channel. I find that I can no longer inflict either of the candidates on myself for longer than that, and I am just waiting for the inevitable Clinton win. If Trump actually gets voted in after what he has been saying, then all hope is lost.

    You got some nice shots, Theo. The ‘floating’ cabin is very unusual indeed. I managed my first-ever mist shots on the recent holiday, and discovered that I really enjoy photographing mist!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Photographing mist is both a challenge and addictive. You did an excellent job in your posting. The mist is very beautiful.

      Had we your system, this election campaign would not have gone on this long. Perhaps that is the key to liking politicians–short election campaigns. If not, at least the pain would be more concentrated and not become a chronic endurance contest.


  2. Soap operas generally don’t come with consequences at the end of the show for the viewers. Give me a soap any time over this disaster in the making.


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