Another Pilgrimage to Elk Rock

Good Morning Ted and Jody:


We had another break in fronts in daylight that lured me into driving up to Elk Rock View Point yesterday.  After we pulled in to the parking lot and were looking for the best shots of Mt. St. Helens, three vehicles pulled in to the lot.  From one, six teens emerged, dressed for their homecoming dance. They proceeded to climb on the wall while two of their mothers got out of the two other cars and began shooting photos of them standing on the wall meant to keep people from falling.  20161022_163306 email.jpgEveryone took it in stride except Nancy who got a bit nervous about teenagers on the wall “And those girls are not dressed for climbing a wall.”  Makes one wonder which of us is getting older, for with the brisk wind at 3,500 feet above sea level and a temperature only 12 degrees above freezing, I worried about the girls catching their death of cold.


If you think about it, the nearest civilization that allows teens in its jurisdiction to Elk Rock View Point is some 25 miles. So those homecoming dance photos cost at least 150 miles worth of gasoline to take.  But then, it costs me some 50 miles worth of gasoline to drive up there to take photos for the specific reason that can be summarized as “just for the hell of it.”


As I say we were between fronts.  On the north and east side of us was a pristine view of the cascades. 20161022_163038 ns email.jpg On the south and west side of us the clouds were moving in. 20161022_141119  ns email.jpg Strangely, that front produced only .03 inches of rain in the 12 hours since those photographs were taken and the weather guessers are not predicting much more for the next 24 hours.  So, I wonder, does that make the front a false front?


Nancy has firmly decided upon a date for her hip replacement in early December.  Since she will not be in shape to travel to see her children and grandchildren over Christmas, I have encouraged her to do so over Thanksgiving.  She “reluctantly” agreed.  I say, reluctantly somewhat tongue in cheek as she finalized air reservations within 30 minutes of my suggestion.  It makes me think she was already thinking along those lines. This will mean she misses two sewing classes on her calendar, but sacrifices must be made for family obligations.


Warmest regards, Ed


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3 Responses to Another Pilgrimage to Elk Rock

  1. Love the cascades shot.


  2. beetleypete says:

    Nice shots indeed, Theo. Worth the drive, I reckon.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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