Sunset, Ballots and Sloppy Joes

Good Morning Ted and Jody:


Yesterday turned rainy at noon.  When I went to see the endocrinologist, there were a few drops falling here and there. By the time I got out of the doctor’s office rain was all over the place.  The rain, while not hard or particularly heavy continued for four hours and then abruptly stopped.  So, when I got home, it being Monday—take the trash the 300 fee to the street day—I hauled the trash and took an umbrella just in case the rain changed its mind and came back.  It did, but ever so briefly.  It stopped again once I got back to the house.  Then at 6, I discovered a large cache of trash and decided to throw a bag over my shoulder and walk it out too.  When I hit the button for the garage door, a red, orange and pink display in the southern sky unfolded as the door went up.  Instead of over my shoulder, I threw the bag of trash we had been hiding (or perhaps it knew its fate and hid itself) in the boot of the car and drove to the Lake where I knew the colors were more pervasive as I would have a clearer shot of the west, south west.  It was breathtaking.20161024_180658 ns email.jpgI didn’t even mind that cars full of people coming home from work for the day got in the way. But if they were courteous, they could have waited until I was done taking photos before driving home.


While I was waiting to see the doctor, I watched people walking.  The older the person, particularly men, the more likely they were to be stooped in some fashion.  Then when I left the office, I saw one man walking and the similarity to use old people walking and the gait portrayed in animations of some of our early humanoid models struck me.  We walk like homo erectus in our old age.  My goodness, those people must have had severe back problems.  The chiropractor explained to me last month that the reason old people are bent is to relieve the pressure form the compression of their nervous going though the small holes in their lower back (the lumber region which makes it either German or Italian, depending upon after which war).  Those holes calcify as we age and that is what creates the pinched nerves.  Down with calcification?! Homo erectus must have had much smaller holes as they walked the way us old folks walk in every animation of them I have ever seen.


Our ballots arrived yesterday.  I checked them over and the authorities have made a terrible mistake.  They have Donald Trump on the ballots, for president!  I double checked, he is on my ballot and Nancy’s too.  This election campaign has then not been one of my bad dreams—IT IS HAPPENING.  Since I had read the voter pamphlet, I should have been prepared, but I wasn’t, not really.  However, I figure that I should not deface the ballot, but send a protest letter to the Washington State Board of Mistake, Notifications of Official Misconduct, and Foolishness.  For if I use a black marker some damned fool is likely to count it as a hanging chard.  So, I will stay far away form that box with any and all writing instruments and anything else that can leave a mark such as a sloppy joe, grape jelly or raspberry jam sandwich, or a chili dog.   Since you are likely to have to vote standing up, I recommend you take a walker or a couple of canes with you so you will be able to keep from falling when you are shocked by what you see on your ballots.  Thank God we have mail in ballots and I opened it sitting down.


My next appointment to check on my diabetes is 6 months out.  That is the longest time he allows his members of his heard free range grazing without checking back in.  So that is good news.   All the numbers are lower than the last time I visit and this guy’s vampire took samples (fortunately, I never pass her taste test).  Well, technically all the numbers are down but one.  The A1c is down, the protein in my urine is down, my temperature is down, my weight is down.  They are all down, except my age.  I need to still work on that one. However, this suggests I have been behaving.  I need to work on that as well.


Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Sunset, Ballots and Sloppy Joes

  1. beetleypete says:

    Good news with the Diabetes tests, Theo.
    The photo has some marvellous light indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Thank you Pete; it was good news. Now to figure out a way to work on that least pesky number, you know, the age number.
      I really did get luck in deciding to take the extra trash out with an early and dramatic sunset lighting.


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