A Conspiracy of Old Age and a Passion for Photography


Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Old age and photography are conspiring to do me grievous bodily harm or even, perhaps, do me in.  I got up late this morning and as I did my meds and blood work I could faintly hear rain on the roof.  So I put my hearing aids in and sure enough there was rain on the roof.  Well, I have been wanting to take a photo of the fuchsia in the dark in the rain to pick up the rain falling in the background with the flash.  It didn’t work with the Edge 7.  My Samsung Smart Camera and other three go to cameras are in the camera bag in the car.  I thought the one outside.  So, I got an umbrella and went to fetch them.  They were not there (or at least I could not see them in the dark (why the interior lights are not coming on in the Aztec is probably because I turned them off, but don’t remember).  So, I came back to the house to get a flashlight and put the umbrella down.  When I retrieved a flash light, I reached for the umbrella and went over in slow motion into a pile (used to be an orderly stack) of stuff in the garage.  There was nothing to grab to break my fall except for the pile (again, formerly a stack) of various containers of weed killers, sprays, and the like.  So, over I went.  The fall resulted in a couple of minor abrasions and a lower left forearm that is attempting to resemble Popeye’s forearms.

I am sure I will be sore later.  However, I didn’t break anything, this time.  I found the camera bag on the table under a quilt in progress.  I took the shot and the fuchsia is hung too far from the falling rain to have the rain show up in the back ground. However, with the magic of post shutter processing (AKA Photoshop) I merged two shots and got something that looks promising. 20161026_061507 ans 061418 overlay ns email.jpg Clearly I need more rain.  At least, I can work on getting the rain drops to look like they are falling or doing some other tricks rather than trying to imitate stars in the blackness of night.   Or, perhaps I could talk the rain drops into falling in the formation of a constalation or two?

I am now off to take the Hyundai in to Fred for an oil change. (It occurs to me I could have ended the last sentence after four words.)

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to A Conspiracy of Old Age and a Passion for Photography

  1. beetleypete says:

    I can see the stars behind that fuchsia, Theo! Nice try, but shame about the fall. I hope that your arm doesn’t swell up too much tomorrow. If so, you will have no option but to get an anchor tattooed on it…
    At least you might be prompted to leave the camera bag somewhere to hand in future.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. It looks very pretty with the stars in the background. Hope you recover from your fall quickly.


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