Early Voting and Changing Clouds

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

We drove up to the ballot box outside the Library in Castle Rock yesterday, dropped our ballots in and drove off.  No line, no wait, no mess no fuss.  We actually voted two days ago and put the ballots in the car, but my falling and all the fuss of a visit to the emergency room caused a short delay between voting and dropping them in the ballot box.  While this is nice, I do miss seeing most of my neighbors every couple of years and catching up while waiting my turn to pull the curtain shut behind me when I lived on Coe Road, Fremont Township, Isabella County. Michigan.  I miss chatting with the old people who manned the polling places back in Michigan.  I think there was something solid about just coming together on one day and the sense of community it engendered (besides the long lines).  But like so much nostalgia, being able to vote over two weeks and even have the option of mailing in the ballot does make more sense when one considers efficiency and the greater ease.  Under this system we also have a voting pamphlet that arrives in the mail.  I suspect I know more about all the races this way than I did back in the old days of one day, stand in line with a ballot pasted up on the wall days.

While the day started out with what Nancy calls a Washington mist (not quite rain, but you get wet walking around none-the-less and it does accumulate on the windshield. I despaired of being able to take a good photo.  So, I shot this fellow  who was trapped in a crane machine.  20161027_150920 email.jpgHowever, the drive home yesterday from lunch took a bit longer than a normal day as the Washington mist changed into a nice looking day with cloud formations that had delimitation.  Not only that, the character of the clouds changed the farther east we drove.  I had to stop and shoot them. Lions Park at Castle Rock on the Cowlitz river20161027_161815 ns email.jpg

Near the Inromation Center on WA 50420161027_164613 ns email.jpg

Just beyond the 8 mile marker on WA 50420161027_165208 ns email.jpg

Between the 8 and 9 mile marker on WA 50420161027_165739 ns email.jpg

Warmest regards, Ed


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3 Responses to Early Voting and Changing Clouds

  1. beetleypete says:

    We have postal voting here, but no ‘early voting’.
    I liked the crane machine bear. I recall you did some other crane machine shots that I liked a lot. A theme for a separate blog post perhaps?
    The third one of your views is ‘Postcard Perfect’. I would buy one to send home.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. That’s a lovely drive home. I like the bear best though 🙂


  3. Thank you, it is indeed beautiful driving in this area. Pete tells me that I should do a blog about the crane machine characters and critters. Perhaps, Ted and Jody should get a letter with photos of them one of these days.


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