An Email Exchange with Ann Marie

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I do love getting emails from Ann Marie.  She gives me an opportunity to go off the wall.  Yes, I know, you must wonder where I think I am the rest of the time.  Regardless, below is the exchange.

Warmest regards, Ed

Good evening Dad,

How is your new talk person working out?

I thought the same thing about the 24-hour flu, but bad food shouldn’t be contagious. My husband and son got it and then I got a round 2 of it. It was definitely some sort of virus. It was just like a flu but without the congestion in the nose or chest. And now my mother-in-law has it. We met several other people who had the same symptoms. Nasty stuff.

Speaking of Clinton and Benghazi… I had in one of my crash pads in Boston a jetBlue pilot who was also a military pilot and was involved in that fiasco. He actually went on some news shows to talk about it and he thought Clinton was the devil, if I recall correctly. At least she was at fault somehow. But he was insane, too. These things are so hard to track to any sort of truth unless you’re there yourself because crazy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Today is my husband’s birthday and we went out to a nice Italian restaurant to eat. At the end of the meal, a server asked if we wanted any coffee or dessert. My husband ordered an espresso and since I knew we were to get a free ice cream, I said, “It’s his birthday.” She looked at me and said, “Cheeseburger??”  …as though that’s what I wanted to cap my fine dining, overpriced Italian meal off with. I’m quite positive they don’t even serve cheeseburgers. We had a good laugh after I clarified and she walked away. My husband said, “In her defense, we never know with you Americans.”

Love, Ann Marie

Good Morning Ann Marie:

It makes perfect sense to me that an Italian translating into Icelandic talking to an American translating into Icelandic would confuse “birthday” with “cheeseburger” In any of the three languages.  You can readily see the similarity if you realize both words in some languages have one or more letters in common.  It all depends upon which letters in the other language have the umlaut and whether it is over or under the letter.  See, perfect sense.  However, birthday boy (do wish him a belated happy birthday for me, or if you prefer, give him my birthday greetings as the first for next year) has a point.  I never know with you Americans either.

This election is going to bite us in the ass.  Sooner or later our freedoms had to catch up to us and now is when that catching up is happening.  I rather suspect Clinton is no worse than any politician.  It is just she has been in the lime light for so long that the right wing goes rabid over her and there is no longer any ability for the right wing to see anything good about a former first lady who actually said she did not think a woman’s role was to stay home and bake cupcakes (of course that was before cupcakes became the all-American substitute for cheeseburgers in Italian restaurants in Iceland).  Bengasi, emails and her pants suits are just excuses that are politically correct for the right to avoid being racist and anti-feminist for this election is, make no mistake, all about a segment of our society wanting to make American White Again.  May the Force protect us from that happening.  However, it is not going to go away regardless of the outcome of this election.  It Clinton wins or loses, Obama needs to pardon her for all crimes, real and imaginary, that she may have committed, thought of committing or should have committed.  Unfortunately, that alone could cause a civil war.  There is no hope for this former great nation since Trump wants to make it “grate” again and the silly white middle and lower classes buy it because they are still taught on their mother’s knee that they are stock of the superior race (you know, the one we knocked the hell out of in WWII!).  Did I ever tell you I wrote a letter in which I resigned as a male, white, Christian?  The problem is, I could never find anyone who was responsible enough to whom I can submit it.  Unlike Snoopy and his head Beagle, they have no head (but multiple [as in hundreds of millions] ass holes). I’ll keep looking for where to send it.  However, it took effect about 18 months ago.  I am American, but not male, not white, and not Christian.  That leaves me with a lot of options these days.

The talk person affords me a chance to talk about intellectual things for an hour a week with a person who has a PhD. and therefore has to play along or at least humor me.  (Am I being too cynical?)  Since I have never had any formal continuing education, I rather suspect my PhD. expired.  But, no one seems to realize that except me.

If that is a real virus or bug you are passing around, find a way to stop it.  I recommend you isolate everyone for a week and see if that helps.  Of course, if you do that and they figure out they can get along without each other you will have created a hell of a lot of hermits.   But the, that will stop communicable diseases in their tracks.  But that will take the joy out of inflicting colds on your worst enemies as well, so back to the drawing board.

All sorts of things are happening.  However, they are actually too mundane to make a good story.  A familiar story, but not a good one: operations (Nancy and a hip, maybe me and a back), blogging, dehydration of defenseless vegetable material, post gardening operations, looking for a new truck, selling used US coil stamps to one old used stamp collector (a niche market with one buyer and one seller that operates in the open on eBay and no one notices), I fell and I got up, and the like.  Besides, the day to day stuff one has to keep up with on a daily basis or it will seem strange and unusual that that is what keeps people busy (the great enterprise of living life).

Love Dad20161029_120741 ns email.jpg




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4 Responses to An Email Exchange with Ann Marie

  1. beetleypete says:

    The Icelandic waitress replying ‘Cheeseburger?’ is worthy of Monty Python, and should feature in an ‘alternative comedy’ sketch, Theo. Priceless.
    The photo looks like the cover shot for a murder mystery novel. I would buy that book.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That IS a beautiful shot, and your communications with Ann Marie are a hoot.Made me smile a lot. cheers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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