Trying to Jar a Friend Loose

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I know I have mentioned my client and friend up north.  Well, it had been three weeks and I hadn’t heard from her.  She used to send me notes several times a week. Unlike you, whom I can check up on my going to Facebook for your regular postings there, her emails were the only way to know she was doing OK.  While I have never met her, one can get attached to folks one only knows online.  Besides, a couple of years ago she had a stroke and was laid up and in rehab for a long time and it took her son, Jeff,  a couple of weeks to think to let her cyber space friends know.    So, figuring something was amiss, I sent her a homemade card last week.  The outside was one of my crane machine shots cropped to fit.  20161027_150920 email.jpgThe inside had the following message.

If you are sick or injured,

Get well.

If you are malingering,

That is allowed, after all, you are retired.

If you are dead,

How in the hell are you reading this?


Write when and if you can.


Nancy said she hoped the woman has a sense of humor.  Well her email response speaks for itself.

“When Jeff brought the mail in a few minutes ago, I was surprised to see a personal envelope for me and I paused before opening it, wondering if some collection company had come up with a new and different way to try to entice me into paying my debt.  But alas, it was my good and faithful friend Ed, who took the time to be concerned about my wellbeing.

“I am not sick, only a little depressed and hiding in this shell I’ve created for myself. This, too, shall pass and I guess I need to renew my Paxil prescription. Paxil, like most other antidepressants, inhibits a person’s sexual urges. I’m sure that it’s a bit late to worry about that, but the neighborhood workmen might be a mite disappointed.

“All is pretty good on the home front. Jeff is still Jeff, going to work every morning and returning 12 hours later….hence, the rent gets paid. Both the other brothers are fine and well, leaving me nothing to worry about. I don’t know, really, what this “funk” is all about except to say I’m having trouble giving a damn about anything. Even stamps. Altho,  like any love affair, that could be rekindled with a little more attention paid to it. I haven’t been out of this house since last month and don’t mind if I ever do….well, a trip to the Goodwill would be fun, I guess.

“Trick or Treat, S

“P.S. Thank You.”

So, I am guessing that an unsolicited shipment of stamps might be in order (they are in the mail).

Warmest regards, Ed


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One Response to Trying to Jar a Friend Loose

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice to see that she got the humour in your card, Theo. And it was a great idea, to use the crane-machine bear on it.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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