I Live Wirelessly

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

30 years ago, we lived at the dawn of the wireless age.  The message then was a bit confusing for we were to have one wire coming into our homes carrying electricity, television and telephone on it.  We haven’t quite reached that point yet, but we do have two of the three on one wire and electricity with a wire all to itself.  However, from what I have read of late the electric companies are well into the research to make electricity move through he ethers without wires like television and radio can already do without, importantly, causing cancer.  That we have repackaged television and radio along with internet and HBO into a wire or fiber optics cable is progress.

As for the wireless part, I have a smart phone that is wireless.  We have “Alexa” that is wireless to keep our shopping list; we have remote controls for everything and they are all wireless.  My hearing aids communicate wirelessly with each other and my phone through a wireless doohickey that I hang on my neck.  I listen to the television wirelessly through my hearing aids and the doohickey.  My tablets and e-readers communicate with someone someplace wirelessly to put the book on the screen. I start my car with a remote wirelessly, and no longer insert a key in an ignition to make the car work.  I just have to have a wireless device in my pocket (or purse I will need to carry all my wireless gadgets) to make the car work.  My camera downloads photos to my computer, tablet and smart phone wirelessly.  The printer for my computer and tablets is wireless.  Everything is wireless.

The thing is, all of these wireless devices need charging for the batteries although lithium are still enough old school to require charging.  But other than all the charging stations, I live wirelessly.20161101_092516 email.jpg

Yesterday, I bought my fourth wireless drill for a small project.  I lost the chargers for the three other drills.  Replacing any one of the chargers costs twice as much as a new wireless drill.  Given what happened to the Note 7, I did get a wireless drill with a NiCad battery.  I think I see a problem or two here in this wireless revolution.  Just to be on the safe side, I also bought a drill with a cord and another more retro model with a crank.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to I Live Wirelessly

  1. haha love your ‘charging’ station picture. Being an audiologist myself I programme peoples hearing aids through wireless programmers, and have several docking stations on my work desk, all plugged in with wires 🙂 One day therell be everlasting batteries!

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    • Thank you. Your comment about everlasting batteries brings to mind a news article I read very recently that scientists have theorized a way to break Newton’s second law of thermodynamics. Meanwhile, I can imagine law makers trying to decide if that should be a misdemeanor or a felony; for bringing order out of disorder would put a whole raft of people out of work.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    If I took a photo of all the wires and plugs under this desk, it would look like something from an alien invasion! I have some of the modern gadgets you mention, but my car still needs to have a key inserted into the ignition, (for which I am thankful) and my more basic-than-a-basic printer must be connected by a very big cable to make it work.
    I have never used the Internet wirelessly, (except through a smartphone) though Julie does, and complains constantly about drop-off of signal. I stick with a long wire, and a plug into the back of the PC.
    I enjoyed the use of ‘doohickey’. We have some terms we use for the same thing.
    ‘Thingamybob’ (Abbreviated to ‘Thingy’ usually)
    ‘Oojamaflip’ (No idea where that came from)
    ‘Dooberry’ (The one I use most of the time, and closest to ‘Doohickey’.)

    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • We too have several other wire jungles (traps/hazards) under computer desks, bedroom head boards and beside where each of us sits in the TV room. I thought six more photographs would be pushing it. Besides, I thought the one shot made the point. Just as in the 70’s when computers were touted to bring paperless offices in the future and not in that future, we are drowning in paper, so goes the wireless revolution.
      “Dooberry” is a new one on me. We have “Dewberry” but they are supposedly real.
      Thank you, Pete. Enjoy the day. Theo


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