Corporate American is trying to Prove P. T. Barnum was right.

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I probably should be upset and angry at corporations, but this morning I am amused at how stupid they think we are.  Back in July, we looked at a Honda Ridgeline with blind spot detection and a backup camera.  Nancy did not like the color so we passed on it.  However, we probably should have bought it and taken it to MAACO and had it repainted, for we have been unable to find one in the Washington-Oregon-Idaho Honda distribution area since.  On September 1st, I wrote to American Honda Motor Company in California asking where I could buy one.  The letter was short and simple.  A week later I got a phone call telling me how simple it was.  Today is November 4th, and I penned the following letter to American Honda Motor Company in California:


On September 1, I sent you a letter asking how and where to purchase a Ridgeline RTL-E in any color but red or black.  About a week later a nice young woman identifying herself as a person from Honda called in response to that letter and told me to go to my local dealer on a specific date when they put their orders in, as I recall September 16; and I could order one.  I contacted several dealers and they all wondered what the woman who called me was smoking because they claimed they could not order.  “We get what we get” one dealer’s associate explained.  So, we tried another approach. We offered to put a deposit down.  Finally, at Stirling Honda in Longview WA the sales manager agreed and offered my wife a contract for $5,000 more than your suggested MSRP for the deposit. We demurred and obviously will not be purchasing anything from them.

My basic request, some two months later, still stands.  However, let me expand it just a bit.  Please tell me how and where in the continental United States can I buy a Ridgeline RTL-E in any color but red or black.  If it is not possible, why are your sending out broachers to test drive Ridgelines?  We got a broucher yesterday.


As you can see, at the end I was beginning to get a bit pithy.

Then I checked my email and found a spam that made it through my spam filter advertising a breakfast drink that asserts: New research suggests the wrong breakfast makes it more difficult to maintain stable blood sugar, steady energy, and healthy body weight. But resistant starch, a unique type of starch that “resists” digestion in the body, helps you achieve these.  So, essentially the breakthrough is to eat stuff that does not digest.  What a hell of a breakthrough in nutrition.

I can’t seem to buy the vehicle I want, yet it is advertised.  I need to eat things that I don’t digest (and fail to see how that is a nutritional break through), what will corporate America come up with next to prove how stupid they think we are?

Warmest regards, Ed


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5 Responses to Corporate American is trying to Prove P. T. Barnum was right.

  1. beetleypete says:

    It is interesting to see how car companies the world over try to sell you vehicles they haven’t got. Over here, they supply all cars in a basic white, or red. Any other colour (including black) is referred to as ‘metallic’, ‘pearlescent’, or a ‘special’ edition’. Naturally, they all attract a surcharge over the basic price.
    Car dealers are required to take a quota of factory-issued vehicles, that’s true. However, any self-respecting dealer should be able to order the same car in any other colour you desire, (if you are prepared to pay the extra) just by making a phone call, or sending an email. The fact that they say they cannot do this tends to suggest that they just want to shift those cars that they were forced to have, to keep their brand franchise.

    ‘Slow-digesting’ food has been promoted here for many years now. It was the new ‘big thing’ a couple of years back. Like you, I also prefer food that I can digest normally.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Another great example of the world gone mad. 🙂

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