Tell me again; which time is it?

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I awoke at 1:45 this morning.  But which 1:45 is it?  I used to know; but this year, I can’t tell.  All the clocks in the House read close to the same time.  They are never quite the same, except for those controlled by the computer.  So, did Nancy set the others back and it is the second 1:45; or, did she not set them back before coming to bed and it is the first 1:45?  I figured Time would tell.  It finally did.  It was the second 1:45 for when 2 A.M. rolled around it kept on going.  And to think how complicated we thought time changes were when we were kids and slept through them.

As it started to rain just after sun set last evening, I went out in the garage with my Samsung smart camera and shot a photo of tree with the flash on to see what the rain looked like in the “almost dark.”  It looked, well, you tell me.  I’d say the closest I can come is a photograph that got wed and the drops of water dried on it  and it got moldy. But again, you tell me.20161105_174721 email.jpg

Every-once-in-a-while I get a bug about a good idea for a way to get some response to my stamp listings on eBay.  Yesterday, I worked out the arithmetic and figured, not counting the cost of stamps, I could list them with a beginning price of 1₵ with $1 shipping and break even as long as I was willing to eat the cost of goods sold.  So, what to heck, I listed 9 lots in that manner.  Indeed, that may be the reason I woke up so early, wanting to see if anyone bid.  Nope, not only had no one bid, no one even looked at the lots.  Bummer.  Back to the drawing board or wait until I get another bug (AKA, so called good idea).

I did get out early, before the rain, and dug up the sweet potato I planted early in the spring.  OK, I dumped the pot.  I did not take photos as my hands got covered in dirt and in my exploration, I forgot.  Well, the sweet potato sent roots down the sides of the 10-gallon pot and there were small long tubular on those runners. I am guessing there were 30 or so of these little tubers including the small tubers interspersed throughout the pot.  And there was one sweet potato over a foot long and weighed over a pound.  Another was of grocery store size.    So, I brought in the two keepers, and spread the pot’s remaining contents with another layer of dirt over a 4-foot square section of the raised bed that formerly housed my garlic crop.  I figure if any of these take I may get another keeper or two next fall. I should know by spring if there will be a crop as the shoots and foliage are very distinctive.

The second round of dehydrating Mandarin orange slices was not all that successful.  I did get most of the water out over four days at a much lower temperature.  However, they do not have the consistency of the commercially dried ones.  I am guessing the sugar added to the commercially dried ones help draw the moisture in the dehydration process and give them the texture they have.  So, far I have not been able to duplicate that.  I suppose I just have to hold out for the commercial variety showing up on Costco’s shelves again.

The dehydrator, however, has not been idle, however.  I am using it to take the final moisture out of the peppermint I have been drying by hanging it in the garage.  Using the garage as a dehydrator would probably work better if I had the garage in Arizona rather than the Pacific Northwest.  At least the garage in the Pacific Northwest keeps moss from growing on what I try to dehydrate by hanging in the garage even if it doesn’t make it brittle dry.

Warmest regards, Ed



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3 Responses to Tell me again; which time is it?

  1. beetleypete says:

    Ah, artificial time. Doesn’t it just drive you mad?
    The photo does look like raindrops on the lens with the tree behind, and not like stars or planets. So, you are getting there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have never figured out if having something inconsequential like time changes to get angry about drains the anger or becomes a seed for more anger. Either way, Franklin’s idea has been with us way too long. I would have loved to have had Arlo Guthrie write a song about time change, in the manner of Alice’s Restaurant.
      Rain drops on the lens. Never thought of that, given my luck they would run and streaked the photo.
      Thanks Pete, Theo


  2. I like the raindrops!


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