Another email exchange with my youngest child

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I spent the morning answering Ann Marie’s latest email in our ongoing conversation.  Since that is what I have been up to here is the exchange for your perusal.

Warmest regards, Ed

Good morning Ed.

I´m so impressed you dropped the word umlaut. Icelandic has two umlauts and it was one of the biggest blows to my mind concerning the language. I mean… my name changes from Anna to Önnu. That is just crazy to my American brain. Why in the world would you change the spelling and sound of someone’s name? That’s an instant fail in journalism classes.

I saw my brother Mark just posted a Trump-supporting video to Facebook. I have a visceral reaction to someone I love and respect having such seemingly ignorant beliefs like this. I want to write or call him and ask how hard he’d like me to work to get his daughters jobs in the office of Trump or another man like him. I want to ask him how espousing the belief that building both literal and figurative walls between “us” and “them” is the best sentiment to live by and instill in his children. Damn. I will say nothing and divert my attention to more pleasant things.

We went to see the movie “The Accountant” with Ben Affleck. He plays a high-functioning autistic who becomes a badass. I loved it. It was great action and a neat story and Affleck was very good in it. But I love that kind of story. And it’s kind of neat that he is autistic. Of course, how he got to be such a badass is not really a realistic option for most folks.

I’m considering meeting with a “medium” that I met in a yoga class. She gave a little psychic reading at the end of the class she taught for everyone in it. It was pretty impressive what she said to me. I couldn’t really understand what she said to everyone else since it was in Icelandic, but I really like her and I think she would be great to talk to. I am quite skeptical of such powers to talk with the dead, but I think her energy is amazing and she would be helpful to sort some things out with me.

Hip operations can put people back to better than they were before. I pray that is the case for Nancy. Let her know I am thinking of her. When will the surgery be? And what is going on with your back? Please exhaust all other options before surgery. I’ve heard repeatedly that back surgeons know better than to get back surgery. And at the risk of sounding like a telemarketer or fanatic… yoga really is a cure-all. But before I say anything else, please let me know exactly how your back is failing you. The human body is amazing but fragile. I need to go see a foot specialist. I’ve had this pain in my foot I’ve ignored for months, thinking\hoping it would go away, but it is not. I have an extra class today teaching yoga to about 15 soccer players aged 15-18. Should be fun.



Good Morning Ann Marie > ANN > ANNA > Önnu (but what’s in a name):

Actually, I think I’ll stick with Ann Marie until you decide differently.

About Mark.  Two major factors have contributed to the Trump and anti-Clinton movements (they are close to being one in the same) we are “enjoying” today.  First, freedom of speech has given the right wing a consistent voice of hate and blame.  I recall as early as the Clinton-Bush race in 1992, Russ Limbaugh spewing forth hate and disinformation (code word for lies) about Clinton and the evils of liberalism.  Limbaugh was particularly nasty about Hillary.  That has been going on for over three decades.  The master of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, has no better students than right wing talk radio and Donald Trump.  Goebbels was right when he said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”   While the state is not yet involved, it aids in the maintenance of the lie by religiously adhering to legal standards that protect the liars’ rights to free speech just as they protest truth sayers’ rights to free speech.  I have figured out that the economy, abortion, immigration, and even the LGBT gains are just surrogates for a) the whites fearing that the majority in the future will treat them as they treated everybody by the whites in the past or b) whites really want to hang on to the notion that they are superior.  Either supports the big lie.  Either way those of us teaching politics and government really have failed as a profession (Political Science and Civics Educators) to teach fundamental American values beginning with EQUALITY.

The second factor that has contributed to this anti-Clinton and support for Trump phenomenon is that Trump made himself available to the news media from the day he decided to run.  Candidates for office, in the past, have been somewhat shielded from the press in all but staged settings.  All the Republican candidates for the nomination followed the traditional model of running in which the candidate was a resource to be managed.  Consequently, the press was all to willing to cover Trump as he made himself available to the press any time anywhere.  Indeed, he often called in to them on things he could chime in on.  I heard Carly Fiorina complain to Anderson Cooper that CNN gave Trump too much coverage.  Cooper responded by telling her that Trump was available when she, Fiorina and other candidates, would not take their calls.  One could argue that the media got sucked in to giving Trump legitimacy by putting him on the air so much.  Another interpretation is offered by a columnist for the Washington Post, Dana Milbank, who argues that the media found Trump and the controversy increased their ratings.  So, the news outlets were money hungry, for ratings increases advertising revenue thus they foisted Trump on the public.  Even if Milbank is right, it amounts to the same thing.  The news media legitimatized Trump and his outrageous statements by their non-critical coverage.  From where I sat, if the news “journalists” on any of the networks I saw were taken aback by anything Trump said or did they masked their shock/surprise/disdain/or the like, well.  They gave uncritical coverage to the “version of reality” Trump gave them.  One must admit, Trump was very consistent in his rendition of the big lies—crooked Hillary—without any real basis.  So, either way, the big lie or news firm corporate profit, it is not surprising that Mark, and millions of white males just like him, would have been sucked in.  He has been told for 30 years that Clinton is evil (check his radio listening habits and his coworkers and his wife and you will find this to be the case) and Trump is telling him that he is suffering because of her and others of her ilk.  Finally, a person who says, without telling Mark how or at what cost, he will fix it for Mark.  Never-mind Mark has prospered with only a short period of post high school technical training.  He deserves more and better.  If you don’t believe me listen to what his wife will tell you.  So, you have made the best choice by deciding to let it slide and go on to more pleasant subjects—hey how about those Cubs.

I can’t remember the last time I went to see a movie in a theater.  I know it was in the last 8 years as I know what the inside of one of the local theaters, now closed, looks like.  Unfortunately, the movie was “W.”  So much for going to more movies.  However, on your note, I just might take in “The Accountant.”  How much are they charging for hot buttered popcorn in this Century?

I have often wondered if people who serve as mediums are frauds, mind readers, or simply picking up lots of information from what one says and reading into it what must have been or is?  I can believe that they believe. So, that makes my question one that can’t be asked in terms of maintaining politeness and further conversation.  Sort of one of those questions that if one wonders about, one will waste a lot of time wondering.  So, it is with considerable interest I hear more about your future encounters with the medium.

Nancy goes in on December 5th to get a new hip (I hope the warranty is better on this one than the one she was born with). I have holes in my apparatus in the lower lumbar region that are pinching nerves that cause pains in my lower back and down my legs. If you want, I could spend some time looking for the MRI and send that to you.  This has been going on for many years.  I tried chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture.  My primary care physician wanted to refer me to a regimen of narcotics.  I said, no thank you as I need to do things like drive and cut my steak with a sharp knife.  My former cardiologist when reading the MRI report said, off the cuff, that is operable.  The last chiropractor I saw read the report and said, there was nothing she could do for me but recommended a neuro surgeon so got my primary care physician to update the MRI and referred me to a neuro surgeon.  I see him for a consultation on the 18th of this month.  I have three questions for him:  the probability this will eliminate my pain; the probability this will help restore my balance; and, the probability this will leave in worse off or in a wheel chair.  I go there with a decided bias to not have someone cut on me.  Then any decision to have surgery will wait until Nancy heals up after her hip is replaced.  About the balance, I fell 12 days ago and am still healing up bruised toes and an arm.  This was not the first time I have fallen in the past few months.  However, it was the real wake-up call as I was in the garage on flat ground and only leaned a bit.  However, I do have problems with my toes in any event and a foot doctor recommended against fixing the hammer toes as I also have diabetic problems there which surgery will not address.  So, that may be the reason for my balance problems.

Nancy had a bone spur in her heel which caused a great deal of pain until it went away.  She saw a doctor and he said some magic words and the like but it seemed to go away on its own.  So, where is the pain and then what is causing it in your foot?  The answer to those questions will determine the magic word and course of treatment. (Do mediums know about this stuff?)

After watering the pots I call a garden all season, I harvested the last of the potatoes yesterday.  Yesterday, a local grocery chain advertised a ten-pound bag of potatoes for 88₵.  I guarantee you I spent much more than that in water alone to grown the damned things.  I processed and weighed the leaves of five peppermint plants and came up with 1.5 ounces.  That is equivalent to a box of 20 teabags, the expensive variety or two cheap boxes.  So, I managed to spend too much on water and electricity usage on growing and drying peppermint (and I have lots more hanging in the garage waiting to finish off on the dehydrator) and then the cost of the storage bags.  This makes me wonder what in the hell I am doing with all this gardening.  Tell me it didn’t use to be this way that things were cheaper to grow when you were a kid on Coe Road, or was I delusional even then?

Warmest regards, Ed > Edward > Edvard >  Játvarður (but, hey, what’s in a name?)




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3 Responses to Another email exchange with my youngest child

  1. beetleypete says:

    I always wondered who went to see ‘W’. Now I know it was you. Must have been echoey in that cinema…
    Nice to read the warm exchange between you and your daughter. It seems that your son will remain unconvinced about Trump’s failings. That is unless he wins, then fails to deliver on any of his promises. (Something we are all too used to over here.)
    Best wishes, Pete. (And good luck for tomorrow…)

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    • Actually, I went to the early show and it was packed. Then there was the line to get in when we left. Josh Brolin is popular, I guess. No echos. Too many popcorn eaters. I just wish I could remember how much that hot buttered popcorn cost.
      In the late 1960s I worked in a movie theater taking tickets. The popcorn came to the theater already popped in huge bags, We put it i the thingie with a light bulb and a popper than was never used about two hours before we opened. the light bulb freshened it up, So when you go to the movies not even the popcorn is fresh.

      If Hitler and Stalin are good models, not even failure to preform will say the true believers from their trust in the devil,


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