The Electoral College

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I have not seen television news now for over 36 hours.  Yes, I avoid it to try to give myself time to heal,  I fell a couple of week ago, you know. I do get snippets from news services that come to my smart phone, but I only read the headlines if they are short.  I do get input from Nancy.  So, I am aware of the protesters that seem to want the Electoral College abolished.  Abolishing the Electoral College is one of those issues that is the darling of the right and the left depending upon which lost that year.  Abolishment, taking a Constitutional Amendment, is far from likely given the winners evidently benefited from it and are in office immediately after the call for abolition.  The last thing the winners want is for the next election to be fair.   The losers calling for abolition are blithely unaware that the Electoral College exists because the Founding Fathers did not trust the vote of the people and wanted a buffer to prevent a demagogue.  As we can see from the election of two days ago that buffer worked well. I think if the protesters realized the founders’ intentions with the Electoral College they would call the Founding Fathers “muthas,” individually and collectively.  Fortunately, the protesters are as ignorant of the way our system works and the real political issues of the day as the folks who cast ballots on Tuesday.  Hence, the Founding Fathers are safe from being called “muthas,” hung in effigy, burned at the stake and generally torn down as a pillar of society and history.

Let’s look at the good points of the Electoral College.  First, it is the one college one can go to where there is no faculty and absolutely no classes.  The Electoral College does not field a team in any intercollegiate sport.  Consequently, they have neither a pep band nor cheerleaders.  Further, the Electoral College Alumni Association does not exist so does not pester its former attendees for money.  No, to get into the Electoral College one must have made a significant contribution to one’s political party before the fact—a steep admission charge, if you will.  Finally, the Electoral College has no physical campus but branches located in each of the states of the Union.  So, with all these good point, how could one even think of abolishing The Electoral College to conform to the fickle will of the people?

Warmest regards, Ed

PS and I took these photos while not watching the news yesterday:20161109_1354 2vshot Panorama ns v0 email.jpg20161109_140220 ns email.jpg20161109_140128 c ns email.jpg20161109_170701 c  pw ns email.jpg


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4 Responses to The Electoral College

  1. beetleypete says:

    Taking those interesting photos is a step-up from watching the TV news, Theo.
    As for electoral colleges, or first-past-the-post systems, you are correct. It is only ever the loser that wants to change the system. If they win next time, they forget their previous indignation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The photos are great, and I do like your analysis of it all.


  3. Thank you. I do appreciate your kind comments.


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