Good Morning Ted and Jody:

It has been since 1:00 A.M PST Wednesday morning since I saw or listened to a news cast.  From what I gather from random non-news sources, everyone who didn’t vote for the guy is concerned.  My finance guy called, it appears a large number of his clients were crying the morning after.  A black blogger wonders if he will be seen as equal?  He wonders if the facade of equal treatment (civility) will continue or be discarded. I wonder too.  My correspondents Hither, Thither and Yon (foreign and domestic) are terribly concerned.  It would appear that even in those places where the US is vilified rely on the US to be calmly administrated by a calm president.  We have lost the faith of the world (and ourselves, it would appear).  Despite not watching the news, I understand there is a movement in Oregon to succeed and protests around the country not to mention a riot in Portland.  My concerns are less over what this president elect has said, than what he will do, for what he has said in the past has changed without a clue as to why.   I think we need to watch and speak out and rally the folks to vote in the midterm election to get the Republicans out of complete control that would put a major break on what Trump does.  That, so far, is the best I can come up with.

Now, why are you not watching or listening to the news, Ed?  I am glad you asked.  Part of it, a small part, is I that it seems to let me have long periods of time that I do not think of the tragedy that we have inflicted upon ourselves. I have mentioned that I have what I imagine a thinking person in 1930-2 Germany must have felt as they watched their country slip into darkness.  What they must have felt is a sense of hopelessness for there was nothing they could do to right matters.  In 1930-3 the media in Germany was supportive and noncritical of the changes.  Our media is attempting to heal the country.  That translated into supportive and noncritical. Unfortunately, that means more coverage of Trump and more speculation about what this guy will do.  That is the small part; and I hope I am wrong in my analysis.  The bigger part is the news media is ratings and profit driven to the point of sacrificing their ability to report fairly, critically and accurately.  If you look back at the major investigative journalism over the past year it has been done by folks working for the dying print media.  It seems it is not profitable for ABC, CBD, FOX or NBC to invest in investigative journalism.   It seems strange for me to reach this conclusion.  But, I think I will attempt to switch to international sources for US national news and the international news.  Local news I am stuck with the blood, gore, and scandal local media.  But fortunately, there is no real local for where I live—it is too small to have local news.  Understand, I am not boycotting the media news programs.  No, I am avoiding them as they thrive on speculation (witness all the talking heads.  They talk a lot and I wonder when they have time to put thing in the heads to talk about).  If you listen carefully you will find they will tell you three or four times about a segment to come wasting 30 seconds for a story that they spend 10 seconds reporting.  The new media foreplay with segments to come in the same half hour or hour segment seems to embody the title of one of Shakespeare’s Plays-“Much Ado About Nothing.”  So, since I am not going to believe them and they will irritate me, I am taking a vacation from the national news media. However, I will slip up and listen to and watch NPR and its television outlets until their funding is cut by the Republican Congress and their president and National Public Broadcasting goes off the air.  For decades, I have wanted to know what is going one in the Nation and world.  For decades, I have been disappointed with the coverage.  Time for a break.

Nancy had a class yesterday and today.  I think she is a student as she left the house after 9 both days.  When she is the teacher she leaves the house before 9. Yesterday she was done by 1 P.M. so I drove in and had lunch with her.  On the way in and back I got a couple of photo opportunities. 20161110_1432 3 vshot Panorama c ns email.jpg20161110_1446 3vashot Panorama v2 ns email.jpg20161110_125333 c ns email.jpg To think that on November 10 in SW Washington we did not have rain and the temperature was over 65 is something we have not experienced in the eleven short years we have lived here.

Warmest regards, Ed


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  1. beetleypete says:

    At least you had some dramatic skies to capture, and to marvel at. One thing that Trump cannot affect!
    The news previews (and all programme previews) are in danger of ruining any or all surprises left in television, whatever the genre. I mostly watch TV pre-recorded, and delete the ‘coming up’, or ‘next episode’ content. Unfortunately, the news is (supposedly) live, so I cannot do the same thing with that.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Thanks, Pete. I suppose you could use the record feature and delete the news before you watch it much like you do the content you don’t want to watch on other programs. Actually, one of the fears of people is that Trump will use the nuclear option and push the buttom thus changing even the skies (but then we won’t be around for long to notice).


  2. You always have wonderful skies! I am envious of that. Re: The News, I didn’t used to ‘do’ news much at all up until I married my hubby, and beyond, as he did ‘do’ it and was always unhappy about it. I preferred to just live my life in blissful ignorance, but I made the mistake of reading his copy of the independant newspaper, and got hooked. :/ I now read it mostly in entirety on a paid for app on my iPad every day. I love it’s unbiasedness (I know that’s not a real word but made up ones do just as good a job I think). On any given subject there will be 2 or 3 differing points of view articles, all well informed and thought provoking. Unfortunately the print version was withdrawn as they were not making any money, and now is online (albeit with adverts) or in the app, and am glad to say they are now in profit and can continue their good work. I am sure you can get it in America, as I can get the NY Times on line etc, here’s a link if you want a look
    I have read other papers here, but nearly all are right or left wing biased, which I am not so keen on, and our tabloids I wouldn’t even put in the toilet if I’d run out of soft stuff. Here’s to better tomorrows!


    • Thank you. Unfortunately all the articles in the first tier were about Trump. At this point anything about Trump is pure speculation. As far as I can tell, Trump doesn’t even know what Trump did much less will do. And then he will change is mind. But, I will check back with the Independent when I start with the national and international news and see if he is out of the news. I just hope he doesn’t push the button that changes the skies by removing us all.

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