Cars and Change

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

After my letter, last Friday to Honda, we got another call from another nice woman at the corporation.  It seems that the bottom line is that Honda of America doesn’t actually know where I can get a Ridgeline.  They have lots of wonderful TV advertising, nice broachers and the like, but no Ridgelines to speak of (it is, after all, a limited production vehicle).  The woman had lots of questions most were all readily answered in my letters to them, which she said she had in hand (although she call it a “case”).  Some of her questions, such as the name of the person we were working with in Vancouver I could not answer, so I passed the call on to Nancy who could answer them.  However, since the dealers are responsible for finding a Ridgeline in their area we still do now know where in the lower 48 where we can obtain one.  I won’t wait another month to write to them again.  Rather I think the letter will go out today will contain the following: “I have never experienced a new vehicle buying experience where the company was so reluctant to sell a cash in hand buyer a vehicle.”

I found a penny in a parking lot yesterday.  1₵!  While it is not much, it does remind me of a time when one could walk through any parking lot and pick up change, enough change for a Diet Coke™ out of a machine if one could get the pennies converted into nickels, dimes and quarters.  Those were the days of real keys on key chains.  What I deduce happened is, back in the day, the people, generally men, fished about in their pockets for their car keys in parking lots, found them mixed in with their change, pulled them out, not noticing the odd coin falling to the asphalt and thus leaving change on the ground.  Yes, those were the days.  Today, only poor people have keys on chains and they watch their pennies.  The rich have devices that sty in their pockets and thus no change from them.  The rich were always a bit stingy.  I am thinking I will frame that Penny with a date and description in case it is the last one found in America.  Then, I can auction the framed Penny off on eBay as a historical artifact in a few years.  Or that Penny could be a harbinger of more fortune to follow in parking lot explorations if I keep my eyes to the ground looking for the wherewithal to by a Diet Coke™.

Warmest regards, Ed20161111_150818 ns v2 email.jpgTaken yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon, on Highway WA504 where I took you and put my yellow target vest on when you were here,  hours before the rain came back.


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2 Responses to Cars and Change

  1. “See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!” apparently 🙂


  2. beetleypete says:

    I still have ‘real keys’, on a bunch in my pocket.
    Forget the Honda. Get a Jeep, or maybe a Kia. (If Kia trade in the US.)×4-cars.aspx?gclid=CL7HwoiQpNACFQIW0wodcREIqg&gclsrc=aw.ds
    Best wishes, Pete.


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