Head in the Clouds

Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

I get a bit obsessed when there is definition in the clouds.  Here in the Pacific Northwest the clouds coming in from weather systems generated in the pacific seem to insist they have some definition—cloud style, if you will.   This past month or so has engendered a prolonged bout of obsession in me.  It does not take much definition to get my attention.  Then there is the lighting of the sun filtering through the clouds.

This noon, I noticed I could fit both the sun and its reflection in a vertical format shot.  So, I did.  20161114_121332 a the original email.jpg.  I then enhanced the highlights to bring out the definition in the clouds over and reflected in Silver Lake. 20161114_121332 ns email.jpg When I was, so to speak, in the field, I did notice the clouds on the horizon and wanted to work with them.  The sun and its reflection, while dramatic and compelling, was actually a side show.  So, I cropped the sun and its reflection out to emphasize the clouds on the horizon.20161114_121332 cropped ns email.jpg  Then not being satisfied with an approximately square shot, I further cropped it to end up with the fourth, a panorama like, shot.20161114_121332 severe cropped ns email.jpg

While I may take as many as a hundred shots at one stop beside the road—walking perhaps 25 to 100 yards from where I parked the car (with flashers on); I do like the challenge of pulling all that I can out of one shot.  The one shot gave me about 20 minutes of messing on the computer in Photoshop.  So, with a few hundred more, shots to day, I should be able to keep busy for 2,000 minutes.  But, I will keep going out and not spend all my time in after the shutter messing (processing).

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Head in the Clouds

  1. beetleypete says:

    I like the first photo best, with the natural reflection on the water.
    I played around with some images last night using the simple (and free) Picasa 3 application, with its easy options for altering existing photos. When it came down to it, I only liked the borders, postcard effects, and Museum style. I didn’t actually save any of the alterations for colour or tone, sticking with the original photos at the end. But it was a diversion.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Messing with photos is one of my favourite pastimes, I like the end result you got, but equally the first non messed with for the lovely reflection on the water.


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