Dear Ted and Jody:

Today has been a fubar, except for the cloud shots I managed to get. 20161116_100519 ns email.jpg I sat down three times to write to you. All three times I got as far as “Dear” when the interruptions started.  The first was a call from a male voice I did not recognize  “Grandpa I’m in trouble and I’m going to jail if I can’t post bail by 8 this morning.”  Now to me this sounded suspiciously like the fake call I got a couple of years ago.  Indeed, there were news stories about the scam that cost local elderly folks thousands of dollars.  So I thought about my response and said “Which one of my grandchildren are you?”  The male voice replied “Your oldest.”  I then asked, “What is wrong with your voice Susan, you sound like a teenage male?”  I heard the click when the scammer hung up.

You remember the cash register sounds my phone made when I got a bid or sale on eBay?  Well, I turned that sound off over a year ago.  So, it always comes as a surprise when I log on and have a sale.  Indeed, sales have been few and far between of late.  But, I did check (a very bad habit, checking, one can get penalties in hockey for it) before returning to writing to you and lo and behold, I had a sale.  SO, I did the paperwork, packaged it up and got it ready for mailing.  As soon as I refreshed the screen, I got another.  This happened some four times.  Now, it takes me longer to process sales than it does to list the items.  So, I got tied up for quite some time because I checked my eBay listings.

Well, I returned to the letter and Nancy called on the home phone. She is teaching a purse making class today.  She had to call me from Longview Sewing’s Phone as her phone was dead. Now this is not low battery dead for she has extra power sources for her devices in her purse in case of a natural disaster (she loses power).  No, her smart phone would not turn on.  I wouldn’t do anything. She wanted me to drive into Longview to take her smart phone into the carrier where we bought it and see what they could do.  A replacement would be fine, anything.  Now, I had realized how dependent upon devices Nancy has become, but the sound of desperation in her voice surprised me.   So, I trundled into Longview to take her phone in to the carrier while she taught up a storm of purse making.

Well, the associate at the carrier recognized me but was too slow and couldn’t get the door locked before I got into the sales room.  The associate has told us to turn off our phones periodically, so they can reset and relax (all of God’s children need rest and since the phone is smart, it needs it too).  If one does not turn it off for too long of a time, the phone will freeze up.  However, if one hold the home button and the power button at the same time, eventually the phone will unfreeze. I had the associate write this down so I could present it to Nancy as she was teaching when I handed her the phone back so no telling if she would have understood spoken words not related to the purse she and her students were making.

When I got home, I felt too tired to finish the letter (remember, I had already invested the word “Dear” on the screen before the interruptions started).  So, I decided to call and talk to you and see how you are doing.  I tried the two number in my cell phone and didn’t get a person.  So, I got to thinking perhaps you have disappeared from the face of the earth.  I remember that when I lived in Isabella County, there were rumors that the earth ended at the western edge of the county. So, I now fear you drove west and fell off.  No matter, I dropped the phone behind the computer desk which is up against the wall and now must figure out how to get it without getting a sprained something or other.

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Interruptions

  1. beetleypete says:

    I keep telling Julie to turn her phone off at least once a year!
    Those phone scams are on the increase here too, and often feature on the TV news.
    At least you managed a great cloud shot, Theo!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Ooh I never turn my phone off, but so far so good! It’ll probably pack in now I’ve said that! Lovely shot over the lake/sea delete as applicable. 🙂


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