Thanks for calling back.

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

It was great to hear your voice last night. Thanks for calling back.  I was relieved that you hadn’t driven over the edge of the world at the west side of Isabella County.  It was good to hear your A1C numbers are still down.  I know that is a bear and a constant worry.  I do understand how most of the helpful advice about avoiding this or that food because it has sugar in it is well intentioned but based upon a slight lack of knowledge.  I too use jam on my carbohydrates (toast).   The numbers frustrate the dickens out of me too. 

 After we talked I went to see about recording the color of the sunset.  A work crew was dong road work at the site I would normally go to this time of year so I went to the boat ramp. There at least I can get out a few yards on the water and shoot south and east.20161116 COMPOSIT 1634_Panorama NS email.jpg  There were clouds with definition, but only this much color.20161116_163941 ns 2 email.jpg Then when I came back home, the site where I wanted to shoot from originally was open.  Still no color, but still clouds with definition.20161116_164411 ns email.jpg

This morning, another front was moving through.  I took a series of 6 shots the make one larger one.  The shots were horizontal and I took them sort of on top of one another.  I then proceeded to pull and push to get them in some semblance of a single shot.  I do like the result.20161117_1015 6vshot Panorama p email.jpg Of late, I have not been adding my signature to shots, but this one I signed very discretely in the lower left. 

 Again, it was good to hear your voice last night.

 Warmest regards, Ed


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5 Responses to Thanks for calling back.

  1. I love the very top one with the sunset colours in the water, and the rest are fine too. Your signature is indeed discreet as I can’t find it at all 🙂
    Am very curious now about Ted and Jody!

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    • Thank you. The signature is in the sand and stubble in the lower right of the image. It is so small and the published image is so small it may not be possible to read it. However the black specks there constitute the signature. In a very large copy it is readible, but barely. The point was to make it as unobtrusive as possible.
      Ted and Jody are a nice older couple I worked with and have known since the mid 1970s.

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  2. beetleypete says:

    Like FR, I can’t see that hidden signature. I am interested in your push-pull horizontal method though. It seems to have worked well, and appears seamless. (At least to eyes that cannot see the signature…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Photoshop’s automated file>automated> photomerge on five horizontal shots taken in vertical sequence from the bottom to the top of the image did the seamless work and produced a slightly lopsided hour glass shaped composite. Then I used Photoshop’s edit>transform>skew command repeatedly to do the pulling and pushing to get the seamless composite of five shots into a rectangular alignment with the horizon fairly level. Finally there was ever so little cropping to square off the finished image. Like Hannibal on the old TV series, The A Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


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