Our second frost/freeze

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

After talking about the mild, nay, even warm, Autumn we have both respectively enjoyed some 2,000 apart, it froze overnight for only the second time this season.  The freezing temperatures were accompanied by fog as the cloud cover disappeared shortly after sunset.  Indeed, clouds were on the way out when the sun went down.  But, alas it did not produce a spectacular sunset.

A week ago, eBay ran a no listing fee offer for auction format listings and I took the opportunity to list about 75 lots with 1 opening bids.  I maintained my $1 shipping charge, so effectively the lots opened at $1.01.  I was not surprised that many are selling, well over half.  However, I was surprised that the number of views on some of the lots that were not selling was so low.  If nothing else this is a good test of what countries/topics/kinds of stamps are currently popular or currently in demand.   Not surprisingly the old Iron Curtin Countries are still relatively unpopular as are several other countries that used the stamp collecting community to raise money by flooding the market with lots of high value stamps that were not intended to be used for postage, although they did honor them.  Some of them were called Dunes at the time as they were potentate ruled areas in the Arabian Peninsula, states where Islam prevailed that issued nude paintings on stamps.  Not something the average citizen of those regions would find in good taste.  However, something apparently, the stamp community found had to be added to collections.  This little experiment of 1₵ starting bids, had kept me a bit busier with closings and packing and mailing for the past day or two and will continue for another few days.  I’d keep listing these on a regular basis, but the 30₵ listing fee that is normally charged for lots that don’t sell, makes it mandatory to sell 30 lots to cover the loss on one that didn’t sell (small profit margin).

Shortly we will be off to see the neurosurgeon down in Vancouver about the MRI of my back issues and what might or might not be done about it.  Then, there is apparently a Christmas Bazaar near the doctor’s office that is just begging to be visited as they have free admission for Seniors today only (parking is free too).  How can one turn down an opportunity to spend money for fee?  With the warm weather the idea of a Christmas Bazaar is somewhat out of place.  However . . .

Warmest regards, Ed


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2 Responses to Our second frost/freeze

  1. beetleypete says:

    I hope that the test results are good, Theo.
    The resurgent stamp market sounds encouraging too. Perhaps it is a pre-Christmas blip? Or maybe ‘Trumphobia’ (my new word) is causing people to invest in valuables other than hard currency?
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Good luck for the MRI scan results, I quite like the idea of spending money for free 🙂


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