Medical Update and Other Stuff

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

The MRI I had that occasioned yesterday’s visit to the neurosurgeon was the second one I had in a three years period.  Local doctors and even the chiropractor read the report but did not show me the images.  This guy today ran the images on a large computer screen and explained what I was looking at.  Even without his explanation I could see the constriction of the nerves in three locations on my lower spine.  (What I had learned in high school biology class about human skeletal anatomy finally paid off.)  The constriction is in an area that spans about 3 inches.  That is the size of the incision they will make to go in and clean out the material left from my arthritis.  Had I seen the images from the first MRI I would have made an appointment with a neurosurgeon without a referral three years ago.  My health insurance does not require a referral.  Having an incision made, messing with the muscles around the vertebrae and cleaning out the junk around the nerve should relieve the pain I experience.  It is not clear if this will help with balance.  I think, it will improve my overall attitude.  So, after Nancy heals up from her hip replacement, sometime in February, I will have this done.

Speaking of Nancy’s hip.  After walking a short distance at the doctor’s office and a bit in Costco, she was not up to walking at the Christmas Bazaar. So, we, mercifully, missed it even though there would have been no admission fee nor fee for parking.

My granddaughter’s husband, Gerry, called and invited us to a Christmas dinner up in the Kitsap Peninsula (across Puget Sound from Seattle).  However, Nancy will be confined to the house—no automobile travel for at least a  week or so after Christmas.  So, we had to decline the invitation.  This will be the first Christmas that Nancy has been here since we moved to Washington.  Too bad it is forced on her because of post-surgery limits.   I guess I had best start thinking of what to cook for Christmas Dinner (something small for there are only two of us).

Speaking of cooking we picked up an induction unit for cooking.  It will prove interesting to be able to control the temperature for a stove top in degrees.

I did have to package and mail some ten people their winnings this morning before we left for Vancouver.  I have done four more since arriving home and expect more on the morrow.  I had a friend back in the 90s who sold stamps and said that he paid himself 11₵/hour to do the mailing and bookkeeping.  I’d love to get that much for the mailings and book keeping require most of the work as they don’t actually involve my handling stamps. Somehow, when I handle stamps it is not work.  Most of the stamps I think of as the dealer in Charades did when he gave the stamps back to Audrey Hepburn.  They are old friends.  And just to have them for a short while is all that is necessary.

It does seem that low prices attract more buyers and some even compete in real auctions.  Years ago, I noticed that if a lot got one bid it was likely to get another and then another.  I surmised that there was a psychology of “that guy is getting one hell of a deal, I can get it for just a few pennies more.”  I think the eBay fee structure lured me away from that kind of auction.  I have to admit that it is fun to watch auctions close again with a flurry of bidding just before the lots close.

However, there is also the cold economic reality that one can not make up for losses caused by low prices by dealing in volume as the old TV gag went—What I loose on one item I make up for in volume.

I did shoot a couple of frames today from a place I would never have found had I not gotten out of the car and walked into a stand of trees.  Out the other side yielded 20161118_153611 ns email 1.jpg

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Medical Update and Other Stuff

  1. beetleypete says:

    Nice view of the distant hills through the denuded trees, Theo.
    Good news about the chance of surgery to sort out your back too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Back and hip pains are so debilitating so it’s good that next year sees you both bionic and restored to health!


  3. Thank you. We are hoping for at least some improvement.


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