“in the dark of the day”

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I got to looking at the time stamps on most of my images of clouds, especially those taken over the lake.  They seem to be taken between 10 and 11 in the morning.  Yet, since I tend to shoot into the sun, the foreground appears nearly if not actually in silhouette.  20161122_1105 5 shot Panorama ns email.jpgIn effect the direct sunlight on the camera’s sensor overwhelms it and thus everything else tends to be recorded as if it were a night time exposure.  I suppose I could put these kinds of photographs into a folio and call it “in the dark of the day.”

However, that title, “in the dark of the day,” may be more appropriate for what is transpiring in the political realm than a portfolio of my photographs.  When I was born, the United States was in a bitter war against fascism, particularly the German variety called Nazism. Indeed, shortly before I was born the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy. I thought we won that war.  However, today, I am not so sure.  The reason am not sure is that the Nazism our fathers and uncles fought against is characterized by racial superiority, intolerance for different practices or behavior, and hatred of some other group/race/religion.  It was characterized by stipulating that different laws applied to different people.  And, it was characterized by the aggrandizement of the leaders of that movement.  While our fathers lived in a racially divided country where blacks and other minorities were not treated to the equality we profess in our founding documents, within 20 years of the end of that war the segregation we had in America began to fall.  In the ensuing 50 years, it appeared as if we were becoming an integrated, tolerant nation.  That was apparently a veneer and not real.  Insistence on, so called, political correctness was just a finish on that veneer.  Accordingly, a sufficient pool of people for whom the changes since the Civil Rights Era was a veneer exist and would see us return to the 1930s and 1940s.

Then there is the political news that seeps in despite my attempts to avoid it.  A president elect who will eschew a blind trust and put his adult children, who are also his advisors, in charge of his company and fortune. A president elect who will appoint a son-in-law to a White House position (Chief of Staff). A president elect who in a discussion with a foreign head of state asks for consideration or assistance in getting building permits in that nation.  A president elect who says he will not seek to jail or further harass his former opponent.  And, I am sure there is much more.  This all smacks of aggrandizement of the leader.  It also smacks of a kind of thinking that says the rules do not apply to the president.

So, we combine the segment of our population for whom the integration veneer seems to be falling off and a leader who seems not bound by the rules and we can look forward to a time when there is “a dark of the day” in America.  Let us pray I am wrong on all counts.

Warmest regards, Ed


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7 Responses to “in the dark of the day”

  1. beetleypete says:

    Worrying time for you indeed, Theo. I was wondering though. Have those rules ever applied to any president? I can only recall Nixon falling foul of rules, but then only when those really in charge had seen enough of him.
    You morning shots do indeed look more like the end of the day. The contre-jour works just as you intended.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Thank you, Pete.
      The rule of law and not of people gets a lot of play in the media when appropriate here and in the civics classes of course. So, yes, the rules apply to Presidents. I am not clear as to who are “those really in charge?” If you refer to the House and Senate it would take them a long time to figure out that Trump is not giving them what they want and then to take action would require many months. Nixon was in for four years, reelected and then the Washington Post (Woodward and Bernstein) make such a public stink about his behind the scenes shady dealings that he ran. Or it would take a statement from his cabinet, which he appoints, to have him declared incompetent to serve. Which scenario leads to “those really in charge.” There are lots of people who have niches and are in charge of little things like the money supply, interstate commerce, what passes for a national police force and the like, but as to overall charge, who are they? There is the stark reality of no one seems to be in charge—America is without Adult Supervision as it always has been. We are in charge of ourselves and we don’t play well together. 😦
      Warmest regards, Theo


      • beetleypete says:

        I was referring to the idea of conspiracy theorists (that includes me on occasion) that there exists a secret cabal of unseen men, (and possibly some women, but unlikely) who actually control everything. I can’t name them of course, as they are secret! 🙂


      • beetleypete says:

        By the way, sorry about ‘contre-jour’, it was rather pretentious. A hangover from my old days of reading far too much about photography.
        ‘Pretentious, moi? (Quote: Miss Piggy)
        Best wishes, Pete.


      • Pretentious or not, it was a neat name for shooting at the light to produce dark in the light of day.
        Oh, Them.


  2. It is a bad time for America, and for the world as a whole at the moment, with right wing idealists rising to the top across Europe too, we are all not playing well together. I can’t believe there’s a cabal of secretive chaps controlling the world underground as it were, and if there is it’s making a piss poor job of it! (Pardon the language.)
    If you use the focus feature on your camera and focus just at the top of the horizon, 1/2 on the sky, 1/2 on the tree line, you would still get the sky detail and also some ground detail, but I like the ‘dark of the day’ shots 🙂


  3. Thank you. That focus tip will add variety to my cloud shots.
    Yes, we don’t any of us seem to pay well together. All those devices which let us exclude everyone who doesn’t agree with us don’t seem to help at all. Then the They that Pete alluded to has changed membership, an incompetent membership to say the least. That why They are making a piss poor jog of it. (The language is appropriate at your end. It sums it up rather well.)
    Warmest regards, Ed


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