What I did on My Thanksgiving in the Cascades

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Thanks for your call yesterday morning.  It made my day.  Thanksgiving is not a celebration I recommend for doing solo.  I do hope the turkey and the ham that had to be farmed out because the oven broke, turned out well and on time for your small intimate dinner for two dozen.

As I told you yesterday, it was raining cats and dogs here, so no cloud photos today.  Indeed, as the day progressed with the next front we got leopards and wolves, then mastodons and saber-toothed tigers with the next front—the succession of fronts moving though each had to outdo the previous one.  Fortunately, night fell and we couldn’t see the whales and great whites that were coming down with the forth front.  So far 2.5 inches of rain.  So, no cloud photos today.  However, I did manage a shot of some of the early rain (before the cats and dogs started) using the flash on my Samsung Smart Camera. 20161124_062737 email.jpg20161124_062754 email.jpg One was taken with the normal lens and one with the zoom at 21X.  Can you tell the difference?

The weather lady predicted snow in the Cascades at 3,000 to 4,000 feet.  So at noon, I put on long pants, boots and a jacket with a hood and, dodging all the cats and dogs,  drove up to Elk Rock View Point at 3,600 feet above sea level.  When I left home it was 45 degrees.  One of the things I watch when driving in the Cascades or any passes during this time of year is temperature.  Once it gets to 32 degrees, the roads get very dicey. If the snow is heavy enough the roads are dicey at 35 or 36 degrees.  It was snowing heavy at times and there was at least two inches of fresh snow on the ground at Elk Rock View Point with a temperature of 33 degrees.20161124_114100 ns email.jpg So, that is where I turned around.  I first noticed snow mixed in with the rain about 2500 feet and by 3300 feet it was definitely snowing—no mixture to it.   The wind was blowing.  Even this time of year when it rains, the forests give off vapor that looks like either smoke or baby clouds rising.  20161124_114141 ns email.jpgWell the wind literally whipped the forest vapor across the road (not to mention buffeting the car).  Even though I was in my portable rain proof camera protection unit, AKA a Hyundai Santa Fe, taking photographs was tricky.  I had to position the portable rain proof camera protection unit so that I was shooting away from or at least at an oblique angle to 20161124_114758 ns email.jpgthe wind and the rain and snow it conveyed otherwise the lenses would become spotted with rain or snow.  Indeed, I did have a cloth appropriate for wiping the lens and did so on several occasions when the wind shifted.  I managed only one shot from below the snow line. 20161124_115657 email.jpg Below the snow line it was simply raining too hard.

Despite the blowing and blustering I was not the only person making the trek up yesterday.  Seven cars were parked at various locations where they had a view if they had their windshield wipers on. One other car made it to 3600 feet.  I counted eleven other vehicles on the way up and down.  All that proves is that I am not the only crazy person in the county.

I ran into a fellow I know here when I went to breakfast yesterday morning.  He is a few years older than I and a retired U. S. Navy officer.  Before the election, he was terribly worried that the “clown from New York” (his words and he didn’t mean Clinton) would win.  He told me that he couldn’t watch the news anymore.  It made his stomach hurt.  “And, I who compulsively watched all the news channels before,” he said.  I could understand.  For I finally broke my “news fast” just Wednesday evening.  I told him the only thing we could do was work for some turnover in the House and Senate in 2018.  His take was “the fools will reelect too many in the House, the Senate, however, is possible.”   He did get me to thinking. The last time I looked the probability of a Member of the House being reelected was in excess of .90.  The voters who seem to want change, keep sending the same folks back to the House.  So, I figure my retired Navy acquaintance is right.

Warmest regards, Ed





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12 Responses to What I did on My Thanksgiving in the Cascades

  1. beetleypete says:

    Those snow-swept roads look forbidding to me. I would be staying home, and avoiding such conditions. That makes Beetley weather look ‘kind’.
    I presume the smaller spots are taken with the zoom, at a greater distance. But I could be completely wrong!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That explains the logic. 🙂
    Thanks for your comments, all of them. Theo


  3. Love your ongoing battle with illuminating raindrops, reminds me of Deep Space 9. That snow looks like a good time to be indoors. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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