The Overhead Wire Problem

Dear Ted and Jody:

After we talked on Thanksgiving about the diabetic problems Ted is having with his feet, I packaged up a jar of the cream I use.  I packed it along with dried apples (several varieties), dried pears, some shallots, garlic, peppermint leaves and a serving of powdered dried tomatoes. After all, the jar of cream is small and there was room in the box.  The box should get to you by Tuesday (assuming you get home by then).

I found religion, yesterday.  OK, it was an empty church parking lot (I guess they were not Sixth Day Adventist’s since the lot was empty on a Friday.  Or, they could have been in there but had to walk as driving on the sixth day might be against their religion).  Anyway, the hills were alive with water vapor rising (at least where the trees were old enough) and I was seeking out a vantage point.  I found one in the church parking lot. 20161125_104455 cropped long ns email.jpg Most of the roads do not give views because of trees and, more often than not, overhead wires. So, finding vantage points that are not cluttered is difficult, except across bodies of water.  I tried a parking lot in Castle Rock at the school complex.  20161125103416 cropped ns email.jpgBut, as you can see the buildings detract from the narrow band of vapor rising in the distant hills.  On the Interstate, unobstructed views of the hills is also problematic. Wouldn’t you know that a church would provide sanctuary from clutter and overhead wires.

I did have a thought about overhead wires. While they distract from scenery and just plain get in the way, why not try do to a photographic essay utilizing them? So, over the next week or so I will see if I can find some overhead wires that can make an image worth keeping.  I rather suspect it is going to be as difficult to find overhead wires for “attractively” photographing them as it is to find scenes that do not include them.

I heard  today that our President-elect is going to need a very good White House Counsel because of his non-entanglement from his assets (his refusal to set up a blind trust) and his pending law suits.  It struck me that we will have to pay for his legal counsel as a result.  Sort of reminds me of George Washington not taking a salary or wage for running the Army, but only, modestly, asking to have his expenses covered.  Have ever read Washington’s expense account?  It was in paper back when I read it back in the late 20th Century and probably on line now.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to The Overhead Wire Problem

  1. beetleypete says:

    That’s a pretty uninspiring church, Theo. Looks like an army barracks, with the car park on the old parade ground. It wouldn’t inspire me to turn to religion, that’s for sure!
    All I really know about Washington was that he had hand-carved wooden false teeth. I read that somewhere, but don’t quote me on it!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I do apologize for my poor labeling. The buildings in the 2nd photo are of a school complex—certainly not encouraging education, either. I neglected to shoot the Church, thinking there would be problems with higher authorities.
    Mums the word on Washington’s teeth.
    Warmest regards, Theo


  3. Overhead wires look great when populated by birds 🙂

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