An Email Exchange with My Client Up North

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday I had a pedicure.  The woman who did it was particularly careful and caused much less pain than all the others who have done this for me.  She did one interesting thing given our conversation about your foot treatment on Thanksgiving.  She applied Vicks VapoRub to my feet and lower legs claiming it increased blood flow.  Then, after a bit she toweled it off saying “much better.”  I think the words did as much good from all I could tell.  However, I thought I would mention this use of Vicks, I checked online for the use of Vicks and this was not one touted.  However, it has other benefits such as stopping nighttime coughs if applied to the bottom of one’s feet. That I did not know.  I am beginning to think that the spread of folk remedies is enhanced by the internet.

I have mentioned my client up north who had the stroke and with whom I correspond.  Well, I hadn’t heard from her in close to two months and sent her a homemade card that said “If you are ill, get well; if you are malingering, it is allowed as you are retired; if you are dead, how in the hell are you reading this or is that where?  Write when and if you can I miss your notes.”  In the meantime, I kept sending her daily updates on life far to the south of her (we get less rain and more fronts).  I got a note from her Thanksgiving morning.  The two-day exchange is below. It distressed me that she is in a bit of stress.  However, perhaps I can help a little with some humor.

Warmest regards, Ed

Thanksgiving Morning:


It’s taken me ½ an hour to peel 7 potatoes. Karl {her middle-aged son who lives with her or more properly, she with him} finally felt sorry for me (I’m stubborn) and grated the cheese and chopped the onion. “Potatoes all Rotten” It’s in the oven next to the invisible turkey, as we’re having steak.

I’ve been trying to keep busy with my stamps but am having a hard time keeping things straight. It’s been going on for a couple of weeks now and I’m thinking I must have had a TIA as I’m not only not thinking clearly but my speech is slurred and slow. It’s funny. It’s like I’m drunk. Something I’ve had a great deal of practice at. Karma a real bitch!

Nothing new here, Karl’s still hard at it and is gone 12 hours a day. He helps me with a lot daily tasks and now does all the shopping. It’s quite a responsibility and I appreciate him.

I have memories of a house full of people and lots of good food. I hope your day is good one.     Mildred



I went out for breakfast at the Mickey Dee at the I-5 exit.  Saw a fellow I knew so got to talk to someone in person.  Ted and Jody called from Tennessee where they are visiting on of their sons.  Nancy called from Kalamazoo where she is with her daughter and family.  Since the snow level was reported to be low, I drove up to 3500 feet and sure enough, there was snow. I remember the same things you do.

Warmest regards, Ed


Day after Thanksgiving:


I’ve had my fill of coffee. Woke up at 5:30 as Bubba {her dog} said I’d had enough sleep. Karl had the pot all ready to go, complete with cups and spoons alongside. Whatta guy, I guess I’ll keep him.

I survived Thanksgiving but it was rather lonely. Not that I’d trade for a crowd of people, no thanks. Been there, Done that. Karl offered to take me out shopping on Black Friday and I just laughed! Christmas will all be done online this year I think I’ll do gift cards….if you want to get presents you gotta give ‘em!

I’m considering the death of Castro and thinking of all the strife he caused our generation. And I’m carefully watching Mr. Trump waiting for him to make America GREAT again. He’s off to a slow start and has done a bit of back pedaling, but we’ll see.

The sun is trying to come out for it’s token appearance for the day. Cheers. Mildred


Good Morning Mildred:

I’d send you my leftovers, but the use by date on the package of salami is today.  So, by the time it got to you by mail it would be a bit far gone.

Yes, Thanksgiving like Christmas and Mother’s Day is not well spent alone.  I have experienced too many of these and quite frankly the memory of the solo holidays makes me want to cry. 

I went to Fred Meyers yesterday for some antipasto from their olive bar.  I had to park a block away from the Fred Meyers parking lot in a Safeway lot.  I really craved antipasto and it had to be on Black Friday when they had their damned socks sale.   

I tried the sleeping thing last night, but one can only take so much faking sleep.  Faking sleep is no fun when there is no one to fake out.  The cat, doesn’t buy it.  So, I got up again and listed the rest of eBay’s free listings allotment for this past week.

I no longer avoid the news.  I pay no attention to the speculation about what Trump is going to do as it is invariably wrong.  The speculators never have been able to make sense of what he will do from what he says, even when he changes position.  From the facts (his avoidance of a blind trust), it seems that his campaign was based on not make American great but “now that the country is down, let me take advantage of its misery” or the catchier version “Let Me Fleece America.”  Pray my fears are just that, an old man figuring the worst will happen.

If the sun shows its face again, ask to see an ID.  I think it is someone trying to pass itself off as the sun.

I wondered why I stopped getting presents.  Good to know it is my fault.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to An Email Exchange with My Client Up North

  1. beetleypete says:

    I could not help but feel sad for Mildred as I read this. At least she has her good son to help.
    I doubt Trump will change her life for the better. If Obama didn’t manage it, there is little chance that he will.
    These personal exchanges are full of insight, and feel like eavesdropping, but in a good way. There is warmth and friendship behind the problems. Communication, humanity, and genuine concern.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Thank you Pete.
    As much communication as there is today, a lot of people are still isolated and need the world to know about their isolation.


  3. Agree with all that Pete said there. I used to love reading and writing letters to friends and family in far flung places, now everyone just pings a message to you on the smart telephone, with truncated spelling and smiley faces. (Though I really quite like the smiley faces 🙂 ) I’m very glad that Mildred has such a kind son.


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