Yesterday I went to get new glasses.

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I was wrong on my estimate of when the package would get to you.  It got there yesterday and the postman left “an attempt to delivery notice.”  So, I am guessing that means you have not yet returned home.  Retirement is a hoot, there is very little one can be late to in retirement.  It must frustrate Phil White to no end not having anything for which he can be late.

I had a 10:15 appointment in Vancouver yesterday to have my glasses prescription changed and ordered glasses.  I regularly see an optometrist locally who is certified to look for diabetic retinal problems (I can’t seem to get close enough to spelling eh word for spell check to help me out so “retinal problems” will have to do since I am too lazy to look up diabetic diseases of the eye and find that I am trying to spell “retinopathy”) and I explained all of that to the optometrist yesterday morning.  The local guy also keeps tabs on my macular degeneration and general eye health.  The local guy is covered by my medical insurance.  However, even with vision insurance, his prices for glasses are just a bit high.  For example, I can get two pair of glasses at Costco for the price of one-third of a pair at the local guy after the vision insurance pays its share.  Besides, the retinal exam is every year and the vision insurance only pays for new glasses every two years.  So, when the fellow yesterday wanted to dilate my eyes for a general eye health exam, I re-explained my “two-optometrist” arrangement.  I think it threw him for a loop, for he decided to look in my eyes with his light anyway (without dilation).  After an ungodly long time looking at a light, I asked him what he could see.  “not much,” was his response.  Since we both knew that before the ungodly long time that made be daylight blind for about 15 minutes after, I wanted to ask, but refrained, “So, why did we just do that?”

The first thing I noticed is that of the two lights on his counsel one has a Beyer Aspirin Box over it.  That was the light he chose.  The light didn’t work.  He then used the other light and it worked just fine.  I asked why the first light had a Bayer Aspirin Box covering it and he said, “I don’t know.”  When I got my prescriptions, I noticed that there were six optometrists on the form.  The office has two examination rooms, so I surmised that someone put the box on the light to signal that it doesn’t work.  I guess I am reassured that the guy writing my prescription didn’t guess.  So, I paid my $10 out of pocket costs and went to the counter where Costco sells glasses.

When the young woman asked what, she could do for me, I handed her my regular glasses and my computer glasses and said, “I need to pair of glasses in either frame.”  She looked at each pair of glasses (the numbers on the inside of the temples) and replied “We can do that.”  90 minutes later, after finding out that not only were my two-year-old glasses no longer in stock, but half of the titanium glasses frames that had were also no longer in stock, I left with the promise that my new glasses would be ready in 5 to 7 days.

Since, I really had nothing better to do with my time yesterday morning since I couldn’t be late for anything, I think it was a morning well spent.

Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Yesterday I went to get new glasses.

  1. beetleypete says:

    I thought about the use of the aspirin box to cover the light. I decided that it is blatant ‘product placement’ advertising for aspirin, and someone must be getting a rake-off!
    Nice to hear you had a day when you can’t be late for anything. I have about 30 of those every month…
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. So, what you are telling me is I need to find the 29 missing days when I can’t be late.
    Thanks, Pete, now I have a kind of scavenger hunt or lost days (are they in Neverland?).


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I was wondering if the optometrist had ID or if you recognised him? (perhaps not if you need new glasses) His lack of curiosity is intriguing.

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