Massive, Compulsive, Obsessive, Cloud Disorder

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

I see from the tracking number the package arrived yesterday around 1:19. I trust you realize the only thing of importance is the small jar of foot cream wrapped in two layers of food saver bags.  Most people used packing peanuts made from Styrofoam—I used home dried vegetables and fruit in food saver bags.  Dig around and find that cream and try it.  The box big so I needed all the packing material.  Packing material or not, it is all edible.   Styrofoam peanuts are not.

I put my Samsung Gear Fit2 fitness tracker/watch on at 9:12 yesterday morning.  You may recall we got them as a bonus when we bought the ill-fated Note 7s. It had been charging all night.  Normally I put it on the charger for about 30 minutes late in my day and then put it back on.  The night before last, I forgot to put it back on before I went to bed.  One of its functions is to measure the quality of one’s sleep—I usually register around 90% quality (whatever in the world that means.  Do, I need to improve my sleep by 10%?  If so, how?).  So, I was surprised to find the charger had racked up 602 calories while the charger was wearing the Gear Fit2.  I was somewhat relieved the charger did not take any steps or climb any stairs while I was sleeping.  I guess the charger didn’t sleep as the Gear Fit2 did not register a reading for sleep that night (the charger must have suffered insomnia).

I think I suffer from a massive, compulsive, obsessive, cloud disorder.  When there are clouds with definition I cannot resist finding a spot to take some photographs of them.  I am not particularly choosy about what is under them save I do avoid overhead wires whenever possible.  Which reminds me that I am still looking for overhead wire situations/scenes to photograph.  I have a great deal of difficulty here as I have trained myself to find ways around them.  I will keep trying.   Anyway, back to the disorder, I empathize with the Jerry character, Mel Gibson, in the Conspiracy Theory  movie scene where he is in the bookstore and can’t let go of the copy of the Catcher in the Rye to let the clerk scan it to complete the sale.  However, in my case, it is what the sky is doing for the landscape.  I don’t care if the clouds are bright and fluffy, dark and menacing, or just lots of shades of grey as long as there is definition in the clouds (even subtle definition).  Then I have to take photographs of them.  And I can’t take just one.  When I get home, I may have thought I only took a few shots and find there are more than 100 on my card.  Of course, in my case, that is a few. There was a vast difference in cloud conditions between morning and afternoon.  However, there is never enough time to process all the shots I take, but I did get to these from yesterday.20161129_2 v shot Panoramans cropped email - Copy.jpg20161129_124954 cropped ns email.jpg20161129_142733 ns email.jpg20161129_125718 bandw ns email.jpg       Warmest regards, Ed


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4 Responses to Massive, Compulsive, Obsessive, Cloud Disorder

  1. beetleypete says:

    I tried to find a scientific ‘phile’ definition of an obsessive lover of clouds, with no success.
    So I made one up, and you can be the first to state that you are one.
    ‘Altocumulophile’. A lover of clouds.

    The fitness device registering calorie intake and energy use makes me worry about A.I.
    Have you checked your fridge, for missing food?
    (Good background for a short story there…)

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We all have our photographic vices, I am a sunsetaholic. I am very impressed with your dedication to technological health monitoring, but your charger seems a little over zealous. Perhaps a warm bath before bedtime would help, or some aromatherapy if it’s not waterproof.

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