Little Amanda’s Christmas Eve Adventure 2nd in the Amanda Saga

Dear Ted and Jody:

I have been off line for a day and a half.  I picked up Nancy at PDX on Friday night after 10:00 P.M.  You wouldn’t think a little thing like getting home around midnight would mess up sleep and awake patters for two morning, but it did.  Nancy has scheduled a teeth cleaning at her dentist back in Michigan for the day she was schedule to return home.  They found a cavity.  The first one she had since before she met me.  So, she called the doctor back her and was told to go ahead and have it filled as it would be months until she would be able to go to a dentist after her hip replacement (that is tomorrow morning).  So she did.  Four hours later she was in pain. So back to the dentist for x-rays and more grinding down her teeth so the bite would not irritate the newly filled tooth.  She seems to have gotten past the pain now, but she was not a happy camper for a day or so.

Most of yesterday and today involved putting together paraphilia for the bath room that will allow her to use the facilities when she come home from the surgery.  In addition, she spent some time gathering the “stuff” she will need in the hospital (several devices and chargers seem to be the most important items).  They do not want her getting in and out of cars, so they will send a nurse out a couple of times a week for blood tests, staple removal and the like to keep her from having to get in and out of an automobile.  Apparently, that is a time when newly replaced hips tend to pop out of their proper placement.  In effect, she will be house bound for a month—no traditional Christmas Eve Sky Diving for her this year.

I tried my hand (voice actually) at using the voice activated writing (transcription) tool (app or function) on my cell phone to write earlier when I was waiting for Nancy who was scouring stores for a device to help her put socks on since she cannot bend far enough to do it until the hip is healed and fully functional again.  However, I learned that I speak faster than I think but type slower than I think so I am going to have to undergo some self-training (or perhaps brain surgery to get a faster processor up there) in using voice recognition and transcription functions on my phone and tablet apps for taking notes or writing.  You know that old expression “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?”  The old expression  is wrong; but teaching old dogs like me new ticks is painful to the old dog.  I wonder if they have drugs that can help me get past the pain of learning to tell stories with my voice rather than with my fingers on a keyboard.  Unfortunately, most of the things I know that I can take for such pains either slur my speech and put me to sleep or make me see very colorful things.

A few days ago, I sent you a short story “One Small Girl Found in the Brentwood District Answering to Amanda.”  That story was from the point of view of the patrolman who found the four-year-old girl and brought her in. Today, I am attaching the same story from the point of view of the 4-year-old girl— “Little Amanda’s Christmas Eve Adventure.”

Warmest regards, Ed


Little Amanda’s Christmas Eve Adventure

Fiction in 461 words by T. Edward Westen, 2016

If she jumped off the swing, when it wasn’t too high, Amanda could run forward when she landed and not fall.  Mommy didn’t like it, but it didn’t hurt, so she did it anyway. “Do again, do again” she said as she started to turn back to the swings. But, a police car pulling to a stop on the street distracted her.

Amanda watched as the police office got out of his car and walked toward her.  Mommy said ‘policemen are our friends.’  Amanda smiled and waved at the policeman.

The policeman said, “Do you know who I am?”

“You are policeman,” Amanda said.

“How old are you?” The policeman asked.

Amanda took her mitten off and let it dangle from the yarn that kept her from losing it and held up four fingers and said “Four.  I am Four.”

“Where are your parents?” the policeman asked.

Amanda half turned toward the swings and pointed.  But Mommy was not at the swings.  Amanda was very confused.

“What is your name?” the policeman asked.

“Amanda, I am Amanda.  Mommy calls me Mandy.”

The policeman reached down and took her by the hand the mitten had been on and said “Come with me Amanda”

Riding in the police car was strange the seat was so low she could not see out the window.  She wanted to see out the window.  All she saw was the lights on poles.  Police cars do not come equipped with a child seat.

When they got to the police station, the policeman took her picture, made a phone call and played with his computer.  Then Amanda saw Mommy. She was all covered in mud.  When Amanda was covered in mud, Mommy always said, ‘Tsk, Tsk” and wagged a finger at her.  But Mommy smiled when she said ‘Tsk, Tsk.’  Amanda, jumped off the chair she was on and ran to her mother “Mommy, Mommy”

Her mother scooped her up, hugged her, kissed her on the cheeks and cried while saying “Mandy, Mandy, Mandy, thank god I have you back. Let’s go home.”

Her mother talked to the policemen for a very long time and showed them things from her purse. But finally, her mother carried her outside.

Putting Amanda on the ground her mother looked down and said, “you saw Santa today, Right?’

Amanda nodded her head.  “Yes.  I sat on his knee.”

Then her mother asked “Do you remember what you asked Santa to bring you?

“Yes, a daddy.  I want a daddy for Christmas.”

Amanda’s mother took her by the hand and walked her toward the car parked across the street in which a man was seated and watching them intently.  “Santa brought you a Daddy, Mandy.  He’s in that car.  Now hold tight to my had while we cross the street so we can take him home with us.”




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6 Responses to Little Amanda’s Christmas Eve Adventure 2nd in the Amanda Saga

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    I wish Nancy a speedy recovery from what sounds like quite an ordeal with the dentist and doctors. I hope they manage to find someone to make up the formation from thirteen thousand feet.
    I’m wondering were the new daddy came from?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beetleypete says:

    Perhaps you should also be assembling a trampoline, for Nancy to play on once the hip has healed…
    Still enjoying that story, and anticipating more parts to it!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Pete.
      Great idea for a Christmas Present for a Grandma-Great Grandma. A trampoline for Christmas!
      At least the next installment will materialize on a computer/tablet/smart phone screen near you.
      Waqrmest regards, Theo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, best wishes to Nancy, hope it all goes well. I am reasonably sure you can do a piggyback skydive with someone else holding the reins (so to speak) she might consider that option.
    I think Mandy’s Mum has been having a secret affaire de coeur unbeknown to her little girl, hope he’s a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We will know shortly. Actually it will seem like a long time in the waiting room, She will be under, so not notice.
    Mandy’s Mum? It is a bit more complicated than an affaire de coeur. (Although from what I have read, those can be a bit complicated.) Stay tuned.


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