A White December 8th and Brice Meets Mrs. White (fifth entry in Amanda’s story)

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday around 1:00 P.M. the weather forecaster’s snow began (I say it is their snow, as they so seldom get it right, they deserve the credit for when they do).  It came from the south, so Portland was hit 3 hours before we were.  Consequently, the television news largely preempted the regular broadcasts for hours at a time.  I guess they were afraid people would not know they were in the middle of a severe winter storm.  Now, back in Michigan where you live, the event would be characterized as a gentle snowfall.  I doubt the plows would have been called out as the total precipitation was about 0.05 inches of water which translated into 1 to 3 inches of snow.  I took a shot of a tree in the front of our house when it started.  Any white specks you see in that photo are snowflakes. Then I took another shot of the same tree 2 hours and 7 minutes and 38 seconds later (the cameras I used time stamp the photos rather than numbering them, so it is not my meticulous record keeping, but the camera’s—both Samsung cameras). 20161208_125158 email.jpg 20161208_145844 email.jpgThe accumulated snow at that point wipes out the falling flakes because they blend in.  Bummer.

I did take a few shots to use the novelty of snow as a subject matter.  The first one is snow on blueberry leaves (I messed with this after the shot)20161208_145752 ns email.jpg and the second is snow accumulated on a wire mesh shelf on the front porch.20161208_145817 ns email.jpg Nancy got into the act and from her recliner shot through the back window so she could text the “severe weather” to her children and far-flung friends.  She neglected to send it to me or I would include it here in the “hysterical storm” report.  I guess my seeing it on her camera was sufficient.

Around 11:00 A.M. a nurse came out to test her blood for clotting and gave her some information and contact numbers.  The nurse will be back Monday.  Unless she is stuck at 2,000 feet; for that is where she was going after her stop here.  There is one or two house I know of at 2,000 feet.  They are not far off the WA 504; but, the snow level has been at about 750 feet for several days, so she will get in to winter, mountain driving.  I wish her the best.  The numbers, by the way, were close to where they should be next week.  So, that is a good sign.

Nancy had a good night last night.  She is still on the recliner and only got up twice.  While it is close to a negligible improvement, I can see strength beginning to return.  It is most obvious in the one exercise where I am the helper in lateral leg movements.  I end up not actually assisting, but going through the motions.  By the second set of exercises today, I expect she will do them completely on her own.  These exercises involve moving muscles so the muscles don’t retire or go on an extended vacation.

I am attaching the fifth in the series/saga about Amanda.

Warmest regards, Ed


Brice Meets Mrs. White

Fiction in 558 words by T. Edward Westen, 2016

“I suppose it would be easiest if you called me Mrs. White” the older woman said.  “Amanda would get too many responses.”

“Yes, please come in Mrs. White.”

Mrs. White’s entrance in to the room was elegant.  It was the subdued elegance of a woman who was sure of herself.  “That woman went through your trash in the back before she left.”  Mrs. White pause for a second, “She is older, but still dangerous.  Yes, Edith Gunderson hasn’t changed in all these years. Still steadfastly seeing with a set of blinders that prevents any relevant information to get through the ‘truth’ on her precious reports.”

Brice was still standing with his mouth open.  “You,” he stammered, “You look just like Amanda in makeup for a part in a play.”

“If you mean older, young man, than say older.  I am, older than her” said Mrs. White pointing to Amanda. “20 years to the day older.”

Amanda turned to Brice, “I didn’t know she was coming or I would have told you.  But, it is so complicated that. . .”

Mrs. White interrupted, “It is not complicated at all.  We are the same person.  Just at different points in time.  It is simple, time got messed up, in a kink if you prefer, so we keep running into each other every five leap years when the Christmas Eves are in sync. But normally it is only when we are four years old and twenty-four years old.  The older one raises the younger one as her daughter.”

Looking at his wife, Brice blurted out “But you were raised in an orphanage.”

Amanda said, “Yes, she,” pointing to Mrs. White “got tangled up with Edith Gunderson and ended up in Jail for neglect.”

“12 years for child neglect, and I did every day,” said Mrs. White.

“But,” Brice tried to interject.

“No buts about it.  When she” pointing to Amanda “jumped out of the swing, it came back and knocked me out cold.  I woke up an hour or so later and she was missing.  I had no idea she was carted off to the police station.  I didn’t find her for five hours.  When I finally showed up at the police station to file a missing child report, that cock sure social worker convinced them it was a case of neglect.”

His hair close to standing on end, and his head cocked to one side, Brice manage to say “But, you are saying the same woman who was here tonight, Gunderson, was the one who put you in jail and Amanda in the orphanage?”

Mrs. White did not hesitate “Yes, the same one. What did she want?”

Amanda rubbed the back of her head from which she had pulled hairs for Edith Gunderson and replied “A birth certificate.  Since we couldn’t produce one of those she took hair samples from both Mandy and I.”

Mrs. White shook her head in disbelief, “She pulled them from Mandy’s head?  My God!”

Quickly Brice stepped in, “No, she took them from Mandy’s hair brush.”

Amanda added, “I pulled my own.”

Mrs. White chuckled, “That lady is in for a shock when she gets the DNA report.”

“How’s that?” Brice asked.

Mrs. White smiled broadly “I have a record; and, they have my DNA on file.  What you gave her is my DNA, twice.”


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10 Responses to A White December 8th and Brice Meets Mrs. White (fifth entry in Amanda’s story)

  1. beetleypete says:

    I was already suspecting the ‘double DNA’, so at least got that right. Perhaps my ‘black hole’ analogy wasn’t so wrong after all. That space-time continuum that has long fascinated me. All life existing at the same time, but in different time periods. I had better stop thinking, before my ears fall off!
    The snow looked good, but forgive me if I say I don’t want any. You can have the ‘Beetley share’ with my blessing. I liked the before and after tree shots, from the same viewpoint.
    I hope that Nancy managed those exercises, and continues to recover rapidly.
    Best wishes,s Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just as gravity can cause ripples in the fabric of space (whatever material or non-material makes up that fabric) why not time disturbances produced by something: gravity waves or simple quark collisions? Imagine time as a liquid in a lake/puddle/ocean/bucket. If you push it on one shore of a time lake (AKA the Universe) eventually it will bounce off the other shore and come back. So, all it takes is something to push against time’s normal flow or with its normal rate. We, then have, more possibilities than just black holes (whatever they are).
      Nancy’s first visitor, a quilting buddy, just showed up. That the quilters are sewing away while she sits and heals will motivate her to heal faster. 🙂
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. I love all the time/space continuum stuff, so am loving your story. It’s good to have buddy’s show up when you’re poorly so hopefully Nancy will have a lovely motivating afternoon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It was loud. So some reason when a body is convalescing, people think they can’t hear and talk very loud. I suppose the volume is therapy.
    As for ears falling odd, I used to have that problem. So, I tied a piece of yarn on one, fed the other one through the hole in my head and then tied the other on. So, when they fall off they can’t go far. Also, it is good for cleaning the cobwebs out when things get fuzzy in my mind. Simply pull the yarn from one side to the other.

    Liked by 1 person

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