Hummingbirds in December? and Jeremy Eastman Gets His First Scoop (10 in the Amanda Saga)

Dear Ted and Jody:

The nurse was here yesterday and pulled Nancy’s staples.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what is still holding her together.  However, she did tell me that the nurse used some butterflies to replace the staples and if the butterflies don’t let go in a couple of weeks they should be forced.  Now, who would ever force butterflies to do anything surely must be a criminal of the worst portions.  Besides, most butterflies I have seen light and leave quickly.  So how did the nurse get them to stick to the back of Nancy’s right leg?  Will mysteries never cease?

The physical therapist is here as I write.  I hope he doesn’t hurt the butterflies.

Another mystery is Nancy and I saw to humming birds check out the red bird seed feeders hanging outside.  It has been snowing here off and on for most of the week now.  The most recent snow, two days ago, is still here.  So, the hummingbirds were something of a major surprise.  I got out the humming bird feeder and will leave it out while the temperature is above freezing and bring it in when it isn’t.  Heaven know what they are eating as all the blossoms are well past frozen, all the mosquitoes gone to Miami or where ever they go when it freezes.  I am going to guess that the warm fall we had with only two frosts until the hard one with snow a week ago, fooled them into thinking that the moderate climate was going to prevail.  I guess they didn’t read the full report on climate change.

Being almost house bound is wearing.  I find Nancy tired all the time and I am sleeping more.  In a couple more weeks, I suspect we will turn into bears and simply hibernate.  No matter, we are retired.

I am attaching the next installment in the Amanda saga.

Warmest regards, Ed

010 Jeremy Eastman Gets His First Scoop

Fiction in 624 words by T. Edward Westen, 2016

Jeremy Eastman stood looking at the door through which the two women exited the court room.  He had watched for four hours.  His assignment was to watch one session of arraignment court.  The court was still remanding or setting bail for, probably, another hour. But, Jeremy Eastman   in his third semester as a journalism major could smell a story. Anyway, the two women looked like mother and daughter but the older woman seemed to defer to the younger.  Then too, he was paying enough attention so he heard the judge call the “aborted” arraignment a ‘circus.’  Besides in four hours, looking down at his tablet at 12 cases hour, 47 total, in only in this one did the arrested individual say anything other than yes or no.  ‘Yes, something more is afoot here.’  He smiled at his quoting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  ‘Say, Professor Sanders is right.  Journalism is like detective work.’  He stood stock still for a moment and then thought ‘OK, if I were getting out of the building after changing clothes where would I exit?’

Jeremy Eastman had been standing outside the police booking entrance for close to 20 minutes before the two women emerged. ‘Ah, guessed right.’  As the two women approached. “Mrs. White, Mrs. Hasting, may I have a word?”  He was holding up his student identification.

Mrs. Hasting turned to Mrs. White and smiled “That young man was seated next to me while I waited for your case.”

Mrs. White reached out to take the card out of Jeremy Eastman’s hand. “You are a student. What does a student want with two women old enough to be his mother” looking at her wrist watch, “at 6:13 P.M?”  She handed his student id back.

“My journalism class assigned me to sit through a session of arraignment court.  I sat there for half a day and was getting numb from the sameness of all arraignments until you came along.  While I don’t know much, I do know that different is always interesting.  So, if you wouldn’t mind, what the hell happened in there?”

Mrs. White demurred “I don’t think there is anything of interest for the media.”

Mrs. Hastings quickly intervened, “Mrs. White, don’t be so hasty.  Gunderson will still try to get Mrs. Clarkton arrested.  I couldn’t’ hurt to have the press aware of her.”

Mrs. White looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, “OK.  What do you say to having dinner with two older women while we tell you a story.”

                While Amada White had been Changing back into her clothes

ADA Cameron Diggs was on the phone with Edith Gunderson.  “ . . . Judge Phillips would not hear of allowing us to proceed with charging the White woman.”

“But did you tell him she might know where Mandy Clarkton is?”  Asked Edith Gunderson.

ADA Cameron Diggs winced at the memory of Judge Philips sarcasm as the fast one the ADA had tried to pull. “Yes, Mam.  He was, shall we say less than sympathetic.  Then the White woman had a precedent that called for her release.”

Edith Gunderson was silent for a minute than barked instructions “Go back to Judge Belemany and get fresh warrants for both the Clarkton and White women.  I presume the pickup order for Mandy is still intact?”

“No, Mam.  I would . . .” ADA  Cameron Diggs attempted to explain.

“What do you mean, NO!” Edith Gunderson would have reached through the phone and throttled the ADA if she could.  As it was her tone did.

“Judge Philipson dismissed with prejudice.  The People cannot issue a fresh warrant for child abuse against Mrs. White.  If I get a warrant for her, he will have my job.”  The beleaguered ADA explained.”


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6 Responses to Hummingbirds in December? and Jeremy Eastman Gets His First Scoop (10 in the Amanda Saga)

  1. Eddy Winko says:

    Staples, butterflies, you have me in stitches with your dry humour!
    Good to see Gunderson is starting to have a hard time.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Butterflies have always been staples of wound healing 🙂 prettier than leeches I think. I too am pleased that things are not going Edith’s way!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you. “Butterflies have always been staples of wound healing” God I love the English Language.
    So, I guess it would be OK with you all if I threw Edith Gunderson under the “proverbial” bus?


  4. beetleypete says:

    I must be the only one rooting for Gunderson. I see her as a budding detective, in the ‘Murder She Wrote’ genre, and I am hoping that she will crack the case!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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