Physical Thearapy, Cherry Pie and 18th in the Amanda Saga: Mrs. Hastings is Hypnotized

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday the Physical Therapy guy took Nancy for a walk up the drive.  They claim 300 feet each way.  That means all the way.  After the PT guy left, Nancy switched to a cane for most of her in the house walking.  I figure that is easier for her to swing when she is unhappy with me or Chloe (we both get in the way {underfoot, if you will}, but heck, she is still slow so we can evade any attempts at harm on or about our heads from walking canes and walkers; fortunately, she does not have a TASER® M26C Police Stun Gun, but she could not get one that color coordinates with her new red PJs in time for Christmas.  As you know she settled for a ring.  Thank you again, she does enjoy rings and things.)

While she was being physically therapied, I worked on a cherry pie using Oregon canned tart cherries. I can’t get Traverse City canned tart cherries in this part of the continent.  The Michigan Cherry Board needs to work on its marketing out here.  The Wisconsin Dairy Board also needs to pay attention to the upper, left corner (assuming you are facing south) of the lower 48 for California Dairy is making serious inroads.  But that is another story as their sell is contented cows.  The implication is they graze on grass, and not the lawn type.  Anyway, back to the pie.  I followed the instructions exactly and had it been a cake it would have fallen.  As I was mixing the filling on top of the stove (yes, I had the burner on) I thought it was too runny.  When I took it out, I was right, it was too runny.  I needed about ½ of the liquid the recipe required.  Next time I will use my instinct in the matter and start with less liquid for it is easier to add than to subtract liquid-cherries one could take out one by one (with a tooth pick).   It tasted ok, I am just not used to eating pie that has to be served in a bowl or frozen on a stick.

We discussed putting up a chimney for Santa this year.  However, we realized that he would have to bring one hell of a haul to justify the $14,999.99 (plus tax and shipping) it would cost.  So, once again, he will miss the Westens on Hall Road.

No matter, it is what is in the heart that counts (often against one).   Speaking of which, I have attached the 18th installment in the untitled Amanda Saga.

Merry Christmas Eve Day.

Warmest Regards, Ed

PS Here is an abstract made from Christmas lights on our shed.20161221_180144 abstracted email v3.jpg

018 Mrs. Hastings is Hypnotized  

Fiction in 1500 words by T. Edward Westen, 2016

David the Hypnotist said, “Now let me get this clear.  The four of you and Mandy all jumped off a swing at age 4 on Christmas Eve and that is the first anyone knows of your existences.  No birth certificates, hospital records, baptismals, records in Bibles, you all just jumped off a swing.”

 The four adult Amanda’s nodded.

 Mrs. White added “It was the same swing.  And, somehow, we each knew the next younger one would jump off that swing sooner or later.  But what we do not know is where we came from or how we knew.”

 “OK, here is what I think would be most productive.  I want you each to write down what you remember about the day you, shall we say, showed up.”  He handed each woman a pad of notebook paper.  He handed one to Brice Clarkton.  “You work with Mandy and get all she can tell you.”  He turned back to the ladies and said, “It doesn’t have to be sequential, but it helps if you number events or places or people or things in order once you are done with your list.”

Mrs. Anderson asked “So you don’t want a narrative, you want a list.”

 David the Hypnotist, “Narrative, list, it doesn’t matter, just number things when you get down all you can remember from the Christmas Eve when you jumped off the swing, the whole day.”

 Mrs. White asked “I thought you were supposed to get this from us when you hypnotized us.”

 “Sorry, I thought you wanted to know where you were before you jumped off the swing.” Said David.  “To regress you back to getting on that swing, I need information to walk you backwards through.  Otherwise, we might go in circles or hit road blocks.  To get your subconscious to cooperate, it needs information to jog it into paying attention to the right time or place in a very large and full memory bank it can access.  In short, I need some clues as to how to march you back in a little used portion of your memory bank.”   He then turned back to Brice Clarkton.  “It might be best if you took Mandy in the other room so as not to influence these ladies” gesturing to his wife, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hasting and Mrs. Allen.

 The adult Amandas bent over the pads of paper and wrote.  Periodically one of them would look up and around and then bend back over.

 After ten to twelve minutes had passed, Mrs. Hastings stood up and walked to the door where David the Hypnotist was holding the door frame from collapsing in on itself.  “Isomorphic?” She asked.

 David the Hypnotist nodded.

 Mrs. Hastings continued, “May I ask why you don’t use a last name?”

 David the Hypnotist chuckled and then said, “I know you want to know about a family name of surname.  Well, I had one but the family objected to having a hypnotist in the family.  My grandmother, rest her soul, said ‘what would people think?’  Strangers were more important in her eyes then flesh and blood.  The rest agreed with her.  So, I went to court and had my family named changed to ‘the Hypnotist.’ Funny, the family didn’t like that either.”

 “I’m sorry.” Said Mrs. Hastings.  “However, women do it all the time.”

 “Do what all the time.” Asked David the Hypnotist.

 “Change their last names, silly, when they get married and unmarried.  Hastings is my fifth?” She answered.

 David the Hypnotist, laughed out loud.  “I wish I had used that information on Grandma, she was married three times.  Boy, I missed out on that reply.”  Looking down at the part list, part narrative Mrs. Hastings had given him he said, “Well, we might as well start with you.”  He looked around.  “I am going to start with Mrs. Hastings.  It would help if you all did not compare notes, as there might be things that block or inhibit the subconscious of someone who uses someone else’s memory.  So, please do not share noted while I am working with Mrs. Hastings.”  Turning to Mrs. Hastings and gesturing with his right hand and arm in sweeping motion that ended pointing to a door with a plaque that said, ‘keep out, session in progress.’  “This way, fair lady of five family names.”

 Once inside the “session room” David the Hypnotist gestured to an arm chair.  “It reclines if you are so inclined.”

 “Was the pun intended?” Mrs. Hastings queried.

David the Hypnotist gave a little laugh, “A little humor helps to relax the situation.  All too often a session begins awkwardly and so a little humor helps. What else will help, is that you get comfortable and tell me what relaxes you the most?’”

 “Bubble bath.” Said Mrs. Hastings looking around “You don’t seem to have the facilities in here.” 

“No, the next time, perhaps.  But tell me what is so relaxing about a bubble bath?” Asked David the Hypnotist.

“For starters, in the bubble bath I am all alone and there is no phone, no radio, no television and no computer.  I even have a switch to disable the door chime.  I am alone and there is nothing to distract me.”

 David the hypnotist then said, “The phone is off the hook in the other room,  The radio is unplugged. The television is upstairs, and you turned the door chime off.  Now, run the water in your mind.”

 A few seconds passed and David the Hypnotist, said, “The water is running, it is the right temperature, now add the bubbles.” 

Again a few seconds passed, and Mrs. Hastings eyes closed as she imagined the tap running in the bath and David the Hypnotist watched her as she slowly extended her arm and turned her wrist as if she were pouring something into something. ”Now, you check the temperature and find it is just the way you like it.  Imagine stepping in.”

 Another few seconds passed and David the Hypnotist said, “Now, turn the water off and sit back and relax.”  He watched as her body seemed to lose tension and sag in the recliner.  While not uptight to begin with, Mrs. Hastings looked for all the world to be as relaxed as a Raggedy Ann fabric doll. 

 “Now, you are relaxed.  You are in the most relaxing bubble bath you have ever been in.  The sound of my voice is all you hear and it is soothing and reassuring. You feel relaxed and all is well with the world.  Now, tell me, how do you feel?”

 “I feel relaxed.  I feel all is well with the world.” Responded Mrs. Hastings.

 “Good” said, David the Hypnotist.  “Now I want you to go back.”  He paused looking at the notes she gave him.  “To the night you met your father.”  He paused again.  “You are meeting your father. Tell me Mandy what is around you while you are meeting your father?”

 Mrs.  Hastings voice is slow and the words are slightly clipped, slightly malformed, like a small child’s words.  “Mommy is standing between Daddy and me.  I don’t know his name, but Mommy tells me he is my father.”

 David the hypnotist asks.  “Can you look around and see where you, mommy and daddy are right now?”

 “Yes, I can see where we are.  Replied Mrs. Hastings.

“Are you inside or outside, Mandy?” Asked David the Hypnotist.

 “We are on the front porch at my new house.”  Replied Mrs. Hasting.

“Mandy, do you remember your old house?”  Asked David the Hypnotist.

“No old house.”  Mrs. Hastings replied.

 David the Hypnotist pressed on “Where did you live before you got your new house with Daddy?

Mrs. Hastings replied fast in the child’s clipped voice and word formation “Level 4, number 7.  I live at Level 4, number 7, my name is Mandy, I am 4-years-old” and she held up four fingers.

 “Mandy, go back to Level 4, number 7 and tell me what you see.” Queried David the Hypnotist.

 “NO!”  Daddy at new house.  I want a daddy.  Mandy go back to new house.”  Mrs. Hasting was nearly rigid.  The change from relaxed to clinically uptight astounded David the Hypnotist.

 “Mandy go to your daddy at the new house.  Slowly, but go to your daddy.”  David the Hypnotist paused and watched the tension again leave Mrs. Hastings’ body. “Now, Mandy, are you back with your father?

 “Yes, I love my Daddy.”  Said Mrs. Hastings.

 It took only a few minus for David the Hypnotist to walk Mrs. Hastings back to the present in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind.  He then told her she would awaken refreshed when he snapped his fingers; and, she would remember everything when she woke up and not be the slightest bid disturbed about going back to her childhood.   He snapped his fingers.

 Mrs. Hastings smiled and stretched.  “My, but I must have dozed off.”  Then she had a puzzled look on her face.  “I remember.”

Author’s Note and Correction.


Back in “Little Amanda’s Christmas Eve Adventure” On December 4th  I had her  compare riding in a police car to riding in Mommy’s car. It turns out Mommy did not have a car. I replaced the paragraph dealing with Mandy’s ride in the police car.  The new material reads: Riding in the police car was strange the seat was so low she could not see out the window.  She wanted to see out the window.  All she saw was the lights on poles.  Police cars do not come equipped with a child seat.”  I suppose this is one of the pitfalls of publishing as I write it.  Then too when I did the first three installments, I did them as an experiment of writing about the same thing from three different character’s points of view.  Only after did I decide to use the three points of view as a starting point for a longer story.  So, I suppose I am lucky I don’t have to make more changes in those three episodes.  I am sorry for any confusion in predicting what the heck in going on for readers.  And, Merry Christmas.  



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7 Responses to Physical Thearapy, Cherry Pie and 18th in the Amanda Saga: Mrs. Hastings is Hypnotized

  1. Level 4 No.7 is very intriguing. I like the abstract of your christmas lights, reminds me of a weather map. Cherry pie sound delicious even if runny, add it to ice cream, mix it all in and re-freeze for a yummy dessert 🙂 Have a fab Christmas day with Nancy and watch out for that cane!


  2. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m thinking red and white stripes on the cane may go well with the PJs.
    Happy Christmas, I hope you both have a great day 🙂


  3. What a delightful idea. Merry Christmas to you.


  4. beetleypete says:

    I am intrigued that she gave in to the hypnosis. I was expecting her to be resistant to it.
    The shed lights abstract worked. I would never have known it was the shed lights, if you hadn’t told us.
    Best wishes to you both. Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Pete. I expected the whole hypnosis thing to be a bust from the word go. But I had to try it. She surprised me with her readiness to accept it, I guess wanting to know where she came from won out. That and the imaginary bubble bath.
      Warmest regards, Theo


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