Visit to the Surgeon & 27th in the Amanda Saga: Mrs. White is Interviewed

Dear Ted and Jody:

Nancy told the doctor about the pain in the knee.  An x-ray of the knee shows everything in proper placement.  The knee was replaced in August of 2014.  The doctor thinks there is some scar tissue that gets pinched when she walks.  His theory is that the pinching would not have shown up before as she has been babying that side of her body given the former pains it her hip caused by the degeneration and bond rubbing on bone.  To test his theory, he gave her a shot of cortisone in the knee where it is pinching, if that is the problem.  This should ease the pain and shrink it a bit.  If there is temporary relieve he thinks minor, arthroscopic surgery to trim the scar tissue will remove the pain.  So, the adventures in body parts continue.

We left the house before 8 this morning and got back after 1.  To be fair, we did get lunch and Nancy stopped at the quilt shop for a few necessities (they were having a fabric sale!), and Target to get some cards to mail out to various card recipients for the month.  However, we were in the doctor’s office for over 2 ½ hours.  It seems they rescheduled her appointment without letting her know so they had to “work her in.”

We made through the first subfreezing day and night of the four that are scheduled without loosing water.  Cross your fingers for the next three days and nights.  Then this weekend it should be warm enough to return to winter—rain!

I am attaching The next segment in the Amanda Saga.

Warmest regards, Ed20170102_162822 ns email.jpg

027 Mrs. White is Interviewed  Fiction in 1313 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

Mrs. White looked at the front door monitor in response to the door chime and said.  “I would guess, from their dress, ill-fitting in the chest area, that those two gentlemen are officers of the law.”

Mrs.  Hastings said “Well let them in, dear.  I’ll start a pot of coffee.

Mrs. White opened the door to Detective Batan who was holding up his badge and Detective Philipson.  “Good Morning Gentlemen. How may I assist the law this morning?”

“I am Detective Batan and this is Detective Philipson.  Mrs. White, we have some information that leads us to think you may have been mistreated by the bench some 20 years ago.  May we come in and ask some questions and see if we are on track?”

Mrs. While, normally reserved and not one to show emotions, almost giggled as she invited them in.  “By all means.  Mrs. Hastings has started a pot of coffee.  Will the kitchen table suite your inquiries?” She looked at Detective Philipson closely, “Don’t I know you from a prior arrest.?”  She asked as she led the two detectives toward the kitchen.

Detective Philipson blushed.  “Yes, Mam, I was at 1246 Brentwood early January with Ms. Gunderson when she had you arrested thinking you were Mrs. Clarkton.”

“Forgive me, I did not mean to embarrass you. The other officer put the cuffs on me.  You were in uniform then.”  Said Mrs. White.

“Yes, Mam.  I was promoted to detective shortly after that day.”  Said Detective Philipson.

“Congratulations.” Said Mrs. White.  “here we are, gentlemen, take any seat.  Detective Batan” she said pointing to him, “and Detective Philipson” pointing to him, “this is Mrs. Hastings” she said with a sweep of her hand pointing to her older self.

The two detectives and Mrs. Hastings all said “Nice to meet you” at roughly the same time and all laughed.

Detective Philipson said, “You were at the arraignment.”

Mrs. Hastings laughed, “You do have a good memory.”

Detective Philipson nodded.

“The pot is here in the middle with the cream and sugar.  The cups are in front of you, please help yourselves.” Said Mrs. Hastings putting the pot in the middle of the table.

Detective Batan looked down at his hands and then up at Mrs. White.  “As you have probably read in the newspaper or heard on television, Judge Franklin Belemany died three days ago.”

Mrs. White nodded, “Yes, I have heard.  He was the Judge that sent me to prison for 12 years.”

“Yes, Mam.” Said Detective Batan. “That is why we are here.  We think there might be a link to the reasons for your imprisonment and the Judge’s attempted murder of Ms. Gunderson.  We have no clue, just to bits of information.  A journalism student at the university. . .”

Mrs. Hastings interrupted, “That nice Jeremy Eastman?”

Detective Batan, continued “Jeremy Eastman asked Mrs. Gunderson about your case.  She alerted the judge to the interest a ‘journalist’ was paying to your 20-year-old case. Later in that same day the Judge tried to kill Ms. Gunderson by pushing her off the roof of the Hall of Justice.”

Mrs. Hastings interrupted again.  “That is a pretty flimsy reason to think Mrs. White was jailed improperly.”

Detective Philipson picked up the coffee pot and filled the cup in front of his partner, his own and nodded to Mrs. White.

Mrs. White said, “Yes please” to Detective Philipson and nodded in Mrs. Hastings direction who was shaking her head yes.

Detective Batan continued “There are other facts that suggest the verdict and sentence were improper, but not to cloud your answers to questions, I would think it best to hold that information until we have a clearer picture.”

“So, you want me to put my cards on the table, but you don’t want to put your cards face up.”  Said, Mrs. White.

“A better way to think of it, is we don’t want our information to influence what you choose to tell us.” Said Detective Batan.

Mrs. Hastings chuckled and said “He has an honest face for a cop” she said winking at Detective Batan; “and, he did tell you up front they are after the judge.  Tell him what he needs dear.”

Mrs. White looked at Detective Batan. “What exactly do you need from me, Detective?”

“We need to know what you were doing 20 years ago, before you were arrested for child neglect on Christmas Eve. “Said Detective Batan.

“I went to the swings to pick up Mandy if she showed up.”  Said Mrs. White.  “But, I got there too early and she came and as a result I got hit by the swing; and, I was knocked unconscious.”

Detective Philipson interjected “You went to see if Mandy was going to show up?”

“Yes, Detective.  We do that every 20 years.”  Said Mrs. White. 

“I don’t understand.” Said Detective Philipson.

Mrs. Hastings said. “That is very understandable.  You see, Mrs. White went to jail for abusing a child she never met.”

Detective Philipson asked. “Had Mrs. Clarkton not met Mandy before Christmas Eve.”

“No, never,” said Mrs. Hastings. “You see, where Mandy came from all women who were called Mommy look like Mrs. Clarkton, indeed, they all look like all of us.”

“So, where did Mandy come from?” Asked Detective Philipson.

Mrs. White responded. “We have no idea.  We think it was some kind of orphanage or little girl factory. But, we do not know where.” She fumbled in her purse and pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to Detective Philipson.  “Four of us underwent hypnosis and that is the hypnotist’s report.”

There was silence while Detective Philipson read the report. When he finished, he handed the report to his partner, picked up his coffee and took a sip.


Mrs. Hastings said, “From the look on your face the coffee is cold.  I’ll make another pot.”

Detective Batan handed the report back to Mrs. White.  “You know, yesterday morning I would have dismissed that,” pointing to the report, “out of hand.  Today it is close to normal.  However, what we need to know is what kind of life were you leading in the year or two before the Christmas Eve incident.”

“I was in college, The Colorado School of Mineralogy and Mining, the graduate program, actually.  I had been working on my MA Thesis for the semester and came home for Christmas.”  Said, Mrs. White.

“What was your thesis about?” Asked Detective Batan.

“Altering the atomic structure of metals in an attempt to achieve super conductivity,” replied Mrs. White.

Writing it down Detective Batan asked, “I’m afraid I have no idea what that means or is all about.  Could you translate that into English.”

Mrs. White chuckled.  “Twenty years ago we were looking to make transistor collections on computer chips smaller and cooler to boost computing power.  Smaller meant computers could run faster, cooler and handle bigger chunks of information.  It seemed to the profession that if we could take out some of the junk, extra protons, neutrons, electrons or even positrons in metals they could be used to fit transistors on smaller and smaller pieces.  But, that was then.  In prison, I studied law.”

Detective Batan then asked.  “I suppose had you finished it you would have money from royalties or the like?”

“One of my cohorts did.  She got a patent for what we were working on about three years into my sentence.” Said Mrs. White.  “Funny, she had trouble getting employed a couple of times despite her success on the project and the royalties.”

“Why was that?” Asked Detective Batan. 

“We were the same age and her maiden name was Amanda White.  We used to make jokes about did the person calling or asking after us want the married or single Amanda White.  So, background checks didn’t all seem to make the married single distinction.”  Replied Mrs. White.


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7 Responses to Visit to the Surgeon & 27th in the Amanda Saga: Mrs. White is Interviewed

  1. beetleypete says:

    I still have cloning in my mind, as they are all the same person at different times. Can’t shake that cloning thing…
    Glad to hear that Nancy got some sort of solution, albeit with the chance of yet more surgery.
    Bets wishes to you both. Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pete.
      Nancy says it makes her feel better that it is “fixable.” She had been living with the thought that she would have to have a second replacement surgery for that knee. We will know in a week or two.
      Clones work. But, I don’t know what having the Amandas be clones does or doesn’t do to address the question of why one jumps off a swing every 20 years–materializes so to speak.
      Did you get your email to work properly?
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Glad there’s a solution to Nancys knee but 2 1/2 hrs on the docs office? Sheesh. Clones AND time travel would do my head in 😳!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eddy Winko says:

    I’m amazed and please at how quickly Nancy is recovering, hopefully this knee problem is just a glitch and easily solved.
    Whilst I still have no idea what is going on in the story or where it is going, I feel that there is much to be revealed in the very near future. I keep looking to Pete for an inspired answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I find all comments very helpful. It is difficult, sometimes, not to respond directly. However, with all the beating around the bush the narrative has done, I shall take a stab as attempting to answer your question (which I read as “what the heck is going on?”) The goal is to find out why the Judge tried to kill Edith. Or, what was the judge up to that he thought getting rid of Edith would protect. Then there is the issue of what the Amanda’s are and where they come from. If I were I reading this, I would suspect the two questions are related in some manner and solving one may solve the other as well. I did start out with Science Fiction as a base in the 3rd episode which was, at the time, a standalone story form a third point of view. Does this help?
      Yes, I too am pleased with Nancy’s progress (as is she).
      Warmest regards, Ed


      • Eddy Winko says:

        Thank you, although having read the previous instalment after reading this one (how did I miss it?) I was suddenly a little wiser or at least more aware of what and where the plot was about, might be going. I’m enjoying it immensely and looking forward to the next part.


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