Chit Chat & 030th in the Amanda Saga: The White Case Dissected—Part 2 of 2

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

Yesterday on the way in to lunch, we saw a woman taking the ornaments off one of the trees along WA 504 that was trimmed for Christmas.  On the way home, we did not see any more trees with ornaments removed.  It will be interesting to see if those who trimmed them remove the ornaments in the next week or so once it warms up and then stops raining.  I can’t imagine that the ornaments falling, breaking and ending up in the soil and water is a good thing. 

The day, yesterday, was what, again, is called picture perfect—blue skies, sun but no clouds at all.  That is always a prelude, here, to a cold night.  Needless to say, pictures were not the order of the day.

We still have running water in the house.  It got down to 8 degrees F at 6:00 this morning. Tonight, should be the last of the artic air mass effects on us.  So, we should be able to relax our vigilance (turn off the water flow we ran to keep it moving so it wouldn’t freeze).  However, the transition back to normal winter has a glitch forecast into it with freezing rain and snow beginning sometime tomorrow.

Nancy continues to show signs of progress.  She does say her knee hurts less since she got the cortisone shot.  What that means is it probably is scar tissue being pinched by the knee from that 2014 knee replacement.  Evidently moving the knee around during the hip replacement moved scar tissue in the way of the joint.  She has put aside the walker and uses a cane now.  Often, she starts moving without grabbing the cane and has to go back for it.  She has taken the sheet off the recliner and now treats it more like a normal chair rather than a recovery bed.

Attached is the next installment of the Amanda Saga.

Warmest regards, Ed

030 The White Case Dissected—Part 2 of 2

Fiction in 1479 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017


Detective Philipson was the last one back with a cup carrier holding four, paper coffee cups secure in their holes and another cup wedged awkwardly in the center.  He pulled the wedged cup out handed it to Edith Gunderson and said “I told the guy this was for you and he nodded and said, ‘ah, extra marshmallows’.  Then he asked me if you were having a rough day.  I asked why and he said it is your second of the day and it is not yet 10 O’clock.”


Edith Gunderson smiled and said, “That would be Pat.  He served me earlier this morning.”


Taking his cup from Detective Philipson and smiling broadly when he realized it was hot cocoa with marshmallows, Special Agent Fleishman said, “Can we get to the White Case. Several of you seem to think it has a bearing on why the man you call Judge Belemany tried to kill Ms. Gunderson.”


Detective Batan replied. “My partner and I interviewed Mrs. White this morning. It is a bit unclear, but we think she may be a time traveler too.”


Special Agent Fleishman shoot his head no and then said, “She is not a traveler in the sense that either I or the fellow you call the judge is.  By that I mean she did not come from our time nor any time later. Then too, from what I understand she spent 12 years in prison.  No one with the ability to travel in time would stay in prison.”


Detective Batan cocked his head in a questioning manner.  “Yes, but she and five other females, for all intents and purposes, are identical even down to their DNA, popped into existence at 20 year intervals. And for all we know there were more.”


“I think the best way to resolve this is to go and look.”  Said Special Agent Fleishman.


“You mean travel back to when Ms. White jumped off the swing?” Asked Detective Philipson.


“Yes, exactly.  We go back and watch.” Said Special Agent Fleishman.”But we watch Mrs. White when Mrs. Clarkton was Mandy and jumped off the swing.”


“What do you mean, ‘we’?” Asked Detective Batan.


“I’ll go with you.” Said Jeremy Eastman.


“Do you have a problem going, Eddie?”  Asked Detective Batan.


“Why do you ask? Detective Philipson queried.


“I guess because you haven’t talked about it and you did initially shy away from the Special Agent here.”  Replied Detective Batan.


“Perhaps I can help.” Said Edith Gunderson.  “I have traveled with Special Agent Fleishman three times.  Once like Detective Philipson I did not know it was going to happen.  A bit unsettling that.  Once when I was not sure where I was going—a bit more comfortable; and, once where I knew where and when I was going.  It is less unsettling if one knows what is going to happen and where and when one will be when it does.”


Detective Philipson nodded his head in agreement.  “After he . . . well moved me in time and space. It felt like I had lost control moving from Interrogation Room #4 to your desk, err against my will.”  Looking at Detective Batan. “I guess you could say it was a similar feeling to the time back in the third grade when Bobby Sanders, a really big kid, picked me up and carried me to the boy’s room over his shoulder.  There was nothing I could do.”  He paused for a moment.  “Either time.”


Special Agent Fleishman, lowered his head and said, “I do apologize.  I so understand how unexpectedly moving in time and space like that could be a total loss of control.  I do apologize.  I do hope you understand I had to somehow convince you that I am from the future and can travel in time. This is a first for me too.  I am very sorry and will not move anyone here unless they agree to it first.  But you have to understand . . .”


“What do you mean it is a first for you?” Asked Jeremy Eastman.


“Well, I normally am able to get in and out of a time and place without having to make contact with people.”  Said Special Agent Fleishman. “I have made contact on several occasions, but I blended in and did not have to let anyone know who and what I was. This time, I need your help to find out what the man you call Judge Belemany has done or not done and how his actions or inactions effect the time line.  You, see, he was here for over 40 years.”


Detective Philipson spoke up.  “I accept our appology, and I am willing to go with you.”  Detective Philipson pointed to Jeremy Eastmand and said “Mr. Eastman is in.”  He laughed. “Nay, he is eager.  What about you two?”  Looking at his partner and Edith Gunderson.


“I’m in.”  Both replied at the same time.


The five of them flashed into existence across the street from the swing set some twenty years earlier.


“Watch the swing set.” Said Special Agent Fleishman.”


As they watched a young woman walked up and stood behind the swing set in the park.  “That’s Mrs. White” whispered Edith Gunderson.


After a moment, a little girl dressed in red appeared to fly off the swing set.  She appeared magically.  The swing flew backwards striking Mrs. White in the forehead.  Jeremy Eastman started to move and Special Agent Fleishman grabbed Jeremy’s arm and shook  his head no.  Mrs. White fell backwards into the mud.  A police car drove up and the patrolman got out.


“That’s Francis Milson.”  Whispered Edith Gunderson. “Good officer, that Patrolman Milson.”


Patrolman Milson talked to the little girl who pointed to the swings and then he took her in the patrol car.  Almost as he turned, Mrs. White stood up and called out.  They could not hear her as a truck rumbled past.  Patrolman Milson did not hear her,  He got in the patrol car and drove it away. But they could all see her attempt to call out to the policeman.


Special Agent Fleishman whispered to the group.  “We are going back now.”


All five appeared in the detective squad. 


Detective Batan, looked around. “There is no one here.  How did you arrange that so no one would see us pop out and then back in?”


Special Agent Fleishman smiled.  “I cheat.  I often take a very quick look before I stop some place.  You may think, from time to time I flicker. When that happened, I pop out to check something and pop right back a Nano second later.  That is what I did in the park before brining you bacl.  I suppose if the coast wasn’t clear I would have checked adjoining rooms for someplace to bring you all back to without witnesses to your return.”


Edith Gunderson looked concerned.  “From what I saw, the little girl had nothing to do with Mrs. White.  Yet she went to jail because of the Judge telling me there was neglect and I bought his story.”


“Why wouldn’t you have bought his story?” Asked Detective Batan. “After all, the little girl called her Mommy and went to her.”


“Yes, why is that?” Asked Edith Gunderson.


Detectives Batan and Philipson went through their earlier interview with Mrs. White explaining to the other three about the 20-year cycle and how without knowing how they knew the women knew a younger version of themselves would show up. And that all the mommies where they came from all looked like them.


Special Agent Fleishman said, “You will excuse me for a few moments.”  And he disappeared.


“That could be very unnerving.” Said Detective Philipson looking around and could see those detectives in the room were engrossed in their computers or otherwise occupied.


Special Agent Fleishman reappeared.  “I did check and there is an anomaly that shows up at twenty year intervals.  They thought it might be static of some sort.”


Jeremy Eastman asked.  “They, who are they and where did you go and how long were you away?”


Special Agent Fleishman smiled.  “Well, I was away from here for only a minute or two.  However, I was away in relative terms for a few days.  I reported what we had seen to my boss and he set some wheels in motion that turned up the static problem that started relative to now about a century ago.  It seems to persist.  Now that they know one point of contact in this time, Christmas Eve every fifth leap year at abut sundown, they can find out what it is.”  Special Agent Fleishman paused, “and I got some much needed rest and told them about marshmallows in hot cocoa.  But, unfortunately we are no closer to understanding how Mrs. White fits into the man you call Judge Belemany’s reason to try to kill Edith Gunderson.”


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4 Responses to Chit Chat & 030th in the Amanda Saga: The White Case Dissected—Part 2 of 2

  1. beetleypete says:

    I cannot stop imagining the endless possibilities of having Fleishman’s powers. I would love to be able to ‘flicker’!

    Glad to hear that Nancy is doing quite well.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. For only £99.99 at your local time travel store you too can flicker like Fleishman. But only for a few flickers. Like regular travel, time travel is not cheap, unless you book in advance and buy bulk time units. Beat the rush to yesterday, book today.
      Warmest regards, Theo


  2. Great news regarding Nancy’s recovery. This story is cracking along now, great stuff as always!


  3. Eddy Winko says:

    You are laying it on thick with the coco and marshmallows, your subliminal message is getting through to me and I can only hope that the post office sell both when we post your soaps tomorrow morning.
    Real pace in the story now and, dare I say it, I’m beginning to understand.


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